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Topics: Chief Pontiac, English-language films, Pontiac's Rebellion Pages: 2 (597 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Doon. Doon. Do-doon. Doom. Doon. Do-doon. It was dusk in the Ottawa tribe’s encampment. A steady drum was coming from the surrounding forest. A woma There had not been a meeting of the tribes in many generations.# “I will take you to him,” a young warrior by the name of Chaytan#, newly turned, stands to lead the two messengers. The messengers confer, and nod towards D to show the way. D pulls a branch from the woman's yet to be extinguished fire, and leads the toward the center of the clearing. “This is Pontiac’s s beads #send a shimmer over the air above. “What is it you seek?” questions Pontiac.

The messengers again confer, and, upon ending, reveal the wampum.# They kneel, and offer it with open palms to Pontiac. D gasps, astounded by the sight one too far,” the first messenger, apparently the more eloquent of the two, said. “Time, and time, and time again we have shown grace to these intruders.## They refuse to give gifts, as the French did. They rob us of our land, they rob us of our familiesime, Pontiac responds, “I, too, have thought of this pilgrim intrusion, and I agree we must fight back. Please, come into m home and will talk as friends.” Open-mouthed at what he had just witnessed, D began to walk back toward his own house, when a heavy hand landed on his shoulder. “Your presence I would appreciate,# D” said Pontiac after clearing his throat. D nodded dumbly and entered the house after him.

“We must come up with a plan to oppose them,” And once we have their security, we will slaughter them like the pigs they are.”## D, encouraged by Pontiac’s intensity, volunteered, “How can I assist in this matter?” “D, I want you to befriend a certain woman by the name of AK.# She is young and naive; you should have no problems gaining her confidence.## Once she is comfortable with you, urge her to take you into her confidences regarding colonial feelings toward us. Then, when we begin takeover of Fort Detroit, you will kill her and anyone else who came to...
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