Creating Learning Contracts Handout 6

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  • Published: April 26, 2012
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Creating Learning Contracts

Fill in the following boxes by identifying and describing each step involved in creating a Learning Contract. Discuss the significance of each step and how the differences of individual learners may impact step in the process. The boxes will expand to accommodate what you write. Submit as an attachment to the appropriate drop box.

Steps of Creating a Learning Contract| Overview of each step| Significance of each step and how the differences of individual learners may impact this step in the process| 1. Diagnose Your Learning Needs :| A learning need is a gap between where you are now and where you want to be in regard to a particular set of competencies. You may already be aware of certain learning needs as a result of a personnel appraisal process or the long accumulation of evidence for yourself of the gaps between where you are now and where you would like to be.| Improve my general knowledge of my relationship with my Boyfriend and Myself. 1. Actively seek out things to do meaning, personally, socially, physically, mentally and emotionally.2. Talk with my work colleagues and ask them to give me feedback on my learning strategies | 2. Specify Your Learning Objectives:| You are ready now to start filling out the first column of the learning contract shown in Figure 15-1, Learning Objectives. Each of the learning needs diagnosed in Step 1 should be translated into a learning objective.Be sure that you objectives describe what you will learn, not what will do. State them in terms that are most meaningful to you ------content acquisition, terminal behaviors, or directions of growth.| 1. Communicate more such as opening myself more about my past to him. 2. Spend more time with him.

3. Learn more about him such as his past and his present.
4. Talk with my work colleagues about how I think I can better my relationship with him and outside such as in my social life and at home and in the workplace.| 3. Specify Learning Resources and Strategies :| When you have finished listing your objectives, move over to the second column of the contract in figure 15-1, learning resources and strategies, and describe how you purpose to go about accomplishing each objective.| I purpose will accomplish each objective by applying them to my daily life and even making a schedule or calendar on the days him and myself are available since we both work stressful jobs and try to be home at the same time.| 4. Specify Evidence of Accomplishment:| After completing the second column, move over to the third column, Evidence of Accomplishment Of Objectives, and describe what evidence you will collect to indicate the degree to which you have achieved each objective.| Self perceptions about an initial understanding of what a relationship is about.An annotated bibliography of that resource I uncover in this initial effort.A learning contract that has been examined by at least one of my colleagues and assessed as making sense, doable, and appropriate.| 5. Specify How the Evidence Will Be Validated :| After you have specified what evidence you will gather for each objective in column three, more over to column four, Criteria and Means for Validating Evidence.For each objective, first specify by what criteria you purpose the evidence will be judge.| Ask my mother, my supervisor Moncheri and My best friend Nita, who agreed to be my mentor, to examine my learning contract and provide me feedback.

1. The evidence will be judge on the decisions I have been making lately. 2. The high volume of stress I sometimes tend to carry when it deals with financial situation on my behalf and not on my significant behalf. 3. Our communication being on and off.4. I am a little over powering when it comes to the cleaning at home.| 6. Review Your Contract with Consultants:| After you have completed the first draft of your contract, you will find it useful to review it with two or three friends,...
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