Creating Effective Teams

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Creating Effective Teams

Creating Effective Teams


Working in Teams
This presentation explains the planned process of working effectively in teams. Topics include: – Setting team expectations, – Creating meeting agendas, – Writing minutes – Task planning – Problem resolution. Go to Studywell > Working in Teams to download team planning templates

Creating Effective Teams


Why work in a team?
A good team can produce better results than individuals working alone.

More ideas

Better solutions

Bigger scope
Creating Effective Teams


Why work in a team?
Working in a team improves the abilities of each individual

It teaches you to cope with challenge and criticism

It helps you consider different perspectives

It expands your mind Clarifies your thinking
Creating Effective Teams


Building a dynamic team

Proactive people

Planned process

Dynamic team

Creating Effective Teams


6. Problems consensus, majority, compromise mediation 1.Introductions who are we skills roles and duties contacts

5. Roles functional maintenance

Planned Process
4. Project Task analyse the task divide duties set deadlines progress review 2. Meetings agenda minutes records timelines

3. Ground Rules attendance confidentiality considerations expectations

Creating Effective Teams


1. Introductions
 Who are we? – Introduce yourselves  Skills – What can each team member do?  Roles and duties – Who will organise the next meeting? – What does each team member need to do before the next meeting?  Contact information – Record each person’s telephone number and email address

Creating Effective Teams


2. Meetings
 Meet as soon as possible  Meet weekly  Set an agenda – What will be discussed in the meeting  Record minutes and actions – What happened at the meeting – What actions need to be taken  Agree to timelines Download the Meeting agenda and minutes template from Studywell > Working in Teams

Creating Effective Teams


3. Ground rules
 Attendance – Set up expectations for attendance – Set up procedures for alerting team members if changes occur  Confidentiality – Keep information private within the group  Consideration of others  Expectations – How much effort – How soon will the project be completed – How to communicate between team members

Creating Effective Teams


4. Project task
 Analyse the task – Make sure everyone in team is clear about the task – Define key concepts,  Divide duties – Make sure everyone has a job  Set deadlines – Set weekly deadlines for individual members to submit work  Progress review – Build review of progress into schedule – this enables group to assess progress strategically, combat problems and avoid last minute panic.

Creating Effective Teams


5. Roles
 Each team member will take on a variety of functional roles such as – Coordinator • Keep track of the project – Initiator • Suggest new ideas and plans – Information Seeker • Research – Goal setter • Evaluate and set targets for the group – Evaluator • Critically analyse – Planner • Organise schedules – Finisher • Edit and proofread

Functional Roles

Creating Effective Teams


5. Roles
 Each team member will take on a variety of maintenance roles such as – Encourager • Keep up morale and enthusiasm – Gatekeeper • Make sure everyone gets heard – Consensus checker • Makes sure everyone agrees with decisions – Mediator • Evaluate and resolve disputes – Tension reliever • Helps everyone relax – Listener • Keeps track of what gets said

Maintenance Roles

Creating Effective Teams


6. Problems
 Before problems arise decide how decisions will be made, e.g. – Consensus – Majority – Compromise  Consider the perspectives and personal situations of other team members  Record all decisions, actions and incidents in meeting minutes  Consult with tutor or...
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