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Review Questions

Answer the following questions (use MS Project Help, if necessary): 1.What is the difference between a main summary task and a summary task?

There is no real difference between these two kind of summary tasks. The Project Summary just saves a WBS level.

2.On the View Tab, what does the Outline button with plus and minus signs do?
The + expands the data and subtasks under the task names and the – contracts the same information.

3.What is a milestone?
Milestones mark major project goals and phases. It visibly stands out to track progress in the project and is marked my indicators like the diamond …

4.What predefined report can you not make changes to the header and footer? The Project Summary report is the report you cannot change- per instructions in Lab1 part A- Select Page Setup for this report. Notice something interesting? The header and footer (and legend and view) tabs are grayed out. For some reason, only known to Microsoft, this is the only report that you cannot change the header and footer. To that end, it is imperative that you enter all appropriate project information and project properties as discussed in the lab!

5.Give a real-world example of

a)A successor task requiring lead time
Installing equipment would require the successor task of purchasing it first, and installing the power would require a lead time for the equipment to be operational or even tested.

b)A successor task requiring lag time
Testing installed equipment, if the weather is a factor, then a couple of days might need to be added if inspections are needed to get permits to test the equipment. It would be like a schedule dependent on outside influences.

Turn in this sheet with your MS Project file to the Week 1 iLab Dropbox.
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