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IS102 Computer as an Analysis Tool

In this course, students acquire practical skills (bridging technology and real-world situations) in modeling and resolving business problems using personal computers. With computers becoming essential tools for executives in most organizations, knowing how to effectively use them to solve problems will be very helpful in other business courses and students’ future professional career.

Basics of analytical modeling practice
learn how to frame problems, and integrate other skills (statistics, mathematics, business processes, and quantitative methods) to model and address management concerns

Computer-literate lifestyle
become comfortable with the personal computer, motivated to self-learn problem analysis computer tools and know where to get such information and system resources

Computer analysis tools and skills
be exposed to a variety of software solutions (e.g. add-ins) and gain competency in using Excel as an analysis, model verification, simulation and management reporting tool.

Class Attendance &Participation 5% + 10 %
Final Exam 25 %
Assignments (2 x 10%)20 %
Pop Quizzes (3 x 5%) Best of 210%
Team Project 30 %

Recommended Text
Leong and Cheong 2011. Business Modeling with Spreadsheets: Problems, Principles, and Practice, 2nd edition, McGraw-Hill.

Other References
Walkenbach and Banfield 2007. Excel 2007 for Dummies, Wiley. –Walkenbach 2004. Excel VBA Programming for Dummies, Wiley.
Structure of the course

Course Schedule
Wk Topic Events
1 Basic Modeling in Excel
2 Basic Modeling in Excel(2) Try: Assignment 0
3 Functional Relationship
4 Data Lookup & Linkup Due: Assignment 1
5 Monte-Carlo simulation
6 It’s about Time
7 Decision-Support Due: Assignment 2
8 Recess Break
9 Project Proposal Due: Proposal Report
10 Data Analysis
11 Decision-making
12 Project Presentation Due: Project Presentation
13 Project Presentation Due: Final Report
14 Study Week
15Final Exam

Weekly Plan
1Know course scope, schedule, assessment and assignments •Be motivated by the purpose and potential value of the course •Can construct simple spreadsheet modelsFinancial Statement, or equivalent •Alex Processing, or equivalent

Achilles and the Tortoise, or equivalentLeong and Cheong chapter 1 & appendix A (notes 1-3)Students must bring their notebook computers to class every week •Try out assignment 0 at home and compare against solution •At least 6 hours per week of out of class preparations

2Understand how modeling is an effective tool in solving problems •Know how to check correctness and ask analyzing questions •Know how to construct a pleasing chart to present a problem situationMultiplication Table, or equivalent •Financial Projection, or equivalent

F1 Night City Race, or equivalent
Village Coffee, or equivalentLeong and Cheong chapter 2 & appendix A (note 4)Assignment due next week 3Able to build models with different functions and variable types •Know how to generate tables of information from formulas •Know how to add fool-proofing and user-friendly features •Able to do iterative recursive computationsTime Value or Flexible Loan, or equivalent •Black-Scholes , or equivalent

Charity Donation, or equivalentLeong and Cheong chapter 4 & appendix A (note 10)Students to form project teams by next week latest 4Able to automate lookup of information from a data list •Able to record, minor edit and run macrosData Import, or equivalent •Echo Office Supplies, or equivalent

CCH Kindergarten, or equivalentLeong and Cheong chapter 3 & appendix A (notes 5 & 12)Collect assignment 1 •Project teams to start thinking about topic and work on proposal 5Understand the importance...
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