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Topics: Knowledge management, Information systems, Electronic commerce Pages: 11 (3112 words) Published: February 1, 2013
Course Outline Faculty of Science and Technology
Course Number Course Title: Course Instructor: Credits: Section: Semester: Class Meeting Times: Class Venue: Pre-requisites: CMPS1024 (formerly CMPS150) – Computer Business Application MGMT1014 (formerly MGMT101) – Fundamentals of Management None 2012-2 3 CMPS3012 (formerly CMPS360) Management Information Systems

Co-requisites Office Location Office Hours: (Consultation Hours) Telephone: E-Mail Address: Resources Required Text: Other Resources:

By appointment

Laudon, K.C., Laudon,J.P.: Management Information Systems – Managing the Digital Firm, 11th edition, . Prentice Hall MIS course website:

COURSE DESCRIPTION COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course is designed to provide techniques and knowledge for creating competitive business, managing global or local corporations, adding business value and providing useful product and services to intended customers. Topics include: Enterprise Applications. Systems for Supply Chain Management. Customer Relationship Management. Knowledge Management Systems. Digital Integration. Internet Technology. Database - Design and Implement in an existing Database Management System. COURSE OBJECTIVES: Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to: 1.1.1 Knowledge a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. i. j. k. l. m. Describe the role of information systems in today’s competitive business environment Explain information systems from both technical and business perspective Examine the transforming effect of information systems on organizations and management Explain the impact of internet technology and the World Wide Web on the Digital firm Describe the roles of individuals in the business process Describe the types of business structures and how they function and serve clientele. Explain the importance of effective mangers and the roles they play in the business success and the development of innovative services and products Identify the impact, usefulness and benefit afforded businesses through electronic commerce Examine privacy issues and the ways in which to secure a business and its stakeholders from privacy violations. Identify threats of intrusion and other forms of system violation that exists through external sources such as viruses. Describe salient differences between management and information technology specialists and how these differences are mitigated. Explain the various levels of management and the unique systems and structures that are critical to these levels Explain the Rationale for developing and maintaining systems which are reliable, scalable, portable and secure.


Skills Thinking (cognitive) skills Analyze and evaluate the role of information systems in today’s competitive business environment from both the technical and business perspective in an effort to differentiate between computer literacy and information systems literacy. Explain how the Internet and Internet technology are transforming business and the emerging digital firms enabling them to address major management challenges. Identify the major types of systems in a business and explain the role played by the key system applications in a business with keen attention to business processes. Explain the business benefits and challenges of using enterprise and Information systems to enhance customer relationship, collaborative commerce and knowledge management. Identify the salient characteristics of organizations that managers need to know in order to successfully build and use information systems for competitive advantage. Explain what electronic commerce is and how it has changed consumer retailing, internal business management and business-to-business transactions using payment systems. Assess the managerial and organizational challenges posed by electronic business and electronic commerce. Explore and evaluate social and political issues raised by the Introduction of information systems...
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