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Topics: Management, Supply chain management, Lean manufacturing Pages: 17 (5959 words) Published: January 23, 2013

OMIS 5210F: Operations Management
Wednesdays, 2:30-5:30pm E112 SSB

INSTRUCTOR: Mr. Laurie Turnbull Operations Management and Information Systems Area Schulich School of Business E-mail: 1) BRIEF DESCRIPTION Operations management in both manufacturing and service organizations involves the coordination of complex and dynamic systems of people, technology and materials to achieve competitive objectives. The impact of alternative strategies for delivering quality products in a cost-effective manner is examined. This includes currently popular inventory management philosophies such as `Total Quality Management' and `Just-In-Time' inventory management. Pre-requisites / Co-requisites None

The fundamental managerial task in achieving a competitive focus in operations is to correctly match the capabilities of manufacturing and service processes to the needs of the customer. The challenge is to design processes that deliver superior goods and services with the greatest efficiency and highest quality. This is done by carefully evaluating the strategies for structuring the organization of materials, process technology and people. Ultimately operations management is about continuously improving existing processes and implementing new technology. This requires sound project planning and control skills. In this course, we examine both service and manufacturing situations. Firms, whether large or small, can be made more competitive by well designed and integrated processes and managerial systems. This course utilizes cases of real world companies and emphasizes the importance of students working with these experiences and concepts to develop their ability to think and talk credibly about operations. Effective teamwork and well prepared individual participation in class discussions are greatly valued.


A reader of cases, articles and notes can be purchased at the York University bookstore. There is no textbook. This outline is accurate only for the section, term and instructor indicated on the heading above. All class handouts, such as PowerPoint slides, can be downloaded from:

The course provides a theoretical overview of concepts and issues currently relevant to the management of operations common to many environments. The learning objectives are: a) Develop a comprehensive and clear understanding of the importance of the Operations function to the effective performance of organizations in a competitive world. b) Develop a familiarity with the basic operating problems and issues faced by organizations in managing their fundamental business processes. c) Introduce new concepts and tools of potential use to the management of operations in the future. d) Develop the ability to communicate intelligently about major operating decisions.

Marking in this course conforms to the MBA program's guidelines for grading of electives. That means that the class average must be less than or equal to A-. Individual assignments also tend to conform to this rule. Grades out of 100 can be translated approximately to a letter grade as follows: C- = 60-63, C = 64-66, C+ = 66-69, B- =70-73, B = 74-76, B+ = 77-79, A- =80-83, A = 84-86, A+ = 87-100. The course grading scheme for Master’s level courses at Schulich uses a 9-value grade-point system. The possible course letter grades for a course (and the corresponding grade points awarded for each grade) are: A+ A AB+ B BC+ C CF 9 grade points 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0

Students are reminded that they must maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 4.2 to remain in good standing and continue in the program, and a minimum of 4.4 to qualify for their degree. Schulich grading guidelines mandate a section grade point average [‘GPA’] of between 4.7 and 6.1 for core courses and a...
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