Course Key Concepts

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3 goals
1. Equity – to be respected and treated fairly (communicate fully, face up to poor performance) 2. Achievement – be proud of one’s job, accomplishments, and employer (recognition, inspiring purpose, expediter for employees, coach employees for improvement) 3. Camaraderie – have good, productive relationships with fellow employees (promote teamwork) 4 steps of persuasion

1. Establish credibility – expertise & relationships 2. Frame goals on common ground – describe the benefits of your idea 3. Vividly reinforce your position – numerical data, stories, metaphors 4. Connect emotionally – adjust emotional tone to match the audience Build your network

1. Information broker – a person who occupies a key role in a social network by connecting disparate groups of people 2. Networks deliver – private info, access to diverse skill sets, power 3. Trust – needed in networks when sharing private info 4. Self-similarity principle – choose people that are similar to you 5. Proximity principle – populate networks with the people they spend the most time with 6. Shared activities principle – sports teams, community service, interdepartmental, volunteering, for-profit boards, cross-functional teams, & charitable foundations 7. Super connector – a powerful broker who shares his diverse contacts 8. 3 Keys – trust, diversity, and brokerage

Authentic Self
* Learn from your life story – experience = impact
* Knowing your authentic self- self-awareness
* Practicing your values & principles – value translated into actions * Balancing your motivations – high motivation & balance * Building your support team – strong relationships

* Integrating your life by staying grounded – work, family, friends, community – balanced * Empowering people to lead – inspire & empower anyone around you

Competency or behavioral selection programs
Hiring Pro should understand
* Do your HW
* Fight fire with fire
* Comparatively evaluate resumes
* Familiarize hiring pro with psych factors
* Have pros experience the effect of behavioral resumes
Characteristics of manager
1. Show interest in employee long term career development 2. Provide supportive autonomy
3. Set high yet attainable goals and hold them accountable 4. Give problem-solving feedback
5. Serve as a role model
Core aspects of work
1. Tasks – take on more or less
2. Relationships – change the nature or extent of your interactions 3. Perceptions – change thoughts on purpose, or reframe the job Delivering bad news
1. Restrictive framing – picture relevant events, decide which info to discuss, & define a solution (before the conversation) 2. Two biases – narrow framing (worse with stress)
a. Fundamental attribution error – subordinates’ disposition rather than circumstances are the problem b. False consensus effect – assume others see situations as we do 3. Reframing feedback – consider alternative explanations for problems, rather than assuming 4. Open framing – shows good intentions, develop fairness, communication was fair Delusions of Success

* Delusional optimism – overemphasizes projects’ potential benefits& underestimate cost * Reference forecasts – comparing a projects’ potential outcomes with those of similar past projects to produce more accurate predictions Cognitive biases

* Anchoring – accentuate positive
* Competitor neglect – ignore competitions’ capabilities and plans * Exaggerating our abilities and control – take credit for positive, claim negative are due to external factors * Approve proposals with highest probability of failure – high optimistic forecasts, the over optimistic ones are approved * Reward optimism & interpret pessimism as disloyalty – reinforcing unrealistic views of the future, undermines the companies critical thinking Outside View

* Select a set...
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