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Strategic Management BUS 479
Spring 2013
Jeff Boulter
Office: 234 Rockwell Hall
Hours: Tuesday Thursday 3-3:30- 4:45-5:30
Phone: 491-5323

Course Materials:

Understanding Business Strategy Concepts Plus, 3rd Edition
R. Duane Ireland - Texas A&M University
Robert E. Hoskisson - Rice University
Michael A. Hitt - Texas A&M University
ISBN-10: 0538476818  ISBN-13: 9780538476812 
272 Pages  Paperback 
©2012     Published

Course Objectives:

1. To develop a general management perspective that encompasses all functional areas, and that builds on previous academic study and professional experience. 2. To develop skills in the identification and analysis of problems, the creation of innovative solutions and the effective implementation of solutions. 3. To develop skills in the strategic management process; to think and act strategically as managers. 4. To understand and to develop effective responses to competitive challenges presented by a global market environment.

Course Grading:


Exam # 1100 points
Exam # 2100 points
Individual Case Analysis (Take Home) 50 points
Short Team Case 25 points
Large Team Case With Presentation 50 points
Current Event 10 points
Participation ( team/and instructor) 25 points

Total 360 points

Assignments: Assignments will be submitted electronically through RAM CT.

Participation: Participation is a critical element in a strategy class, particularly in the summer. There are two elements to participation grades, one for participation with your team, and one for classroom participation and attendance. There will be an end of the semester evaluation regarding this.

Individual Case Analysis: This case will be in the form of a take home test opportunity. Students will prepare an analysis of the case INDIVIDUALLY! There is to be no cooperative effort here! Each student must submit his/her own individual work.

Current Events: Each class period we will have at least two current event opportunities. Each student will be responsible for one current event during the semester. For this assignment, students must bring a current event article regarding strategic organizational behavior.from a current media source, ( i.e. newspaper, internet etc.) to class and be prepared to discuss the article. Students will also turn in a 2-3 paragraph critical summary of the article. There will be a current event theme for each week . You should pick an article that deals with that theme.

Exams: There will be two exams in this class. They will cover material from lectures, books, videos, and cases, These will consist of multiple choice and short answer essay questions.

In Class Case Analysis: Your team will lead discussion of a short case in class. Your team will turn in a 2-3 page written analysis of the case including: Identification of critical issues, your analysis , and recommendations. This is due in class the day of your presentation. Special Note: Want to be impressive, stand out from the other cases? Include some financial analysis in you case studies. Ditto for the Final Project Case!

Final Project Case Analysis. During the last two weeks days of the class, each team will present an analysis of a major case. This project will include a 3-4 page analysis, including identification of key issues, along with an In Depth analysis and your recommendations. The in-class presentation will be 20 minutes with 10 minutes of discussion, and should include a complete power point presentation. All team members are expected to present. This is a consultant level presentation. Your power-points need to be interesting and impactful . You must have professional manner, and your analysis and powerpoints should have correct punctuation, sub-headings, spelling etc....
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