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The Entertainment Industry's Effect On Society (3)
How many people do you know who have favorite celebrities and look for them in magazines or movies to see what the next hair or fashion trend is? I must admit, I also often look in celebrity magazines to see what the stars are up to and to scope out the "hot" new trends. However, this has brought me to the realization that the entertainment industry is constantly changing our perceptions of who we are and is highly responsible for our changing cultural trends. People look at celebrities and completely change their own views and ideals in order to match what they see as perfection. Why is it that many people cannot see an average middle class family as ideal? People want more money, the ideal career, and a Range Rover. The simple things are becoming less and less appreciated as people look to those people with more wealth to see how they are living in comparison to their own lives. People want something more, something bigger. The media and the entertainment industry are constantly in view and have a huge impact on our societal trends. These aspects of the entertainment industry in our society remind us of how the rich and the famous live. We cannot escape the magazine covers, constant advertisements, or the entire entertainment industry in general. All aspects of the entertainment industry overwhelm our society and are highly responsible for our changing perceptions and trends.

For example, there are numerous television shows which make many look at their own lives, causing them to suddenly want something different. Television shows such as "Top Model" and "The Fabulous Life Of..." are perfect examples. "Top Model" displays tall, thin, beautiful girls as the ideal "top model." This makes many young girls wish to be thinner with perfect bodies and untouchable beauty. Their own image of themselves becomes distorted as they see what is considered as beautiful in our society. "The Fabulous Life Of..." shows celebrity lives, including the places they go, their extravagant homes, and over the top vacations, which are out of reach for many who are not fortunate enough to make millions. This show makes families and people of lower economic status feel as if their lives and the things that they do for fun or for pleasure suddenly aren't as good as the many celebrities who can afford to do whatever they desire.

Divorce is also much more common in our society, and it is no surprise that this trend is seen with celebrity couples. Celebrities are getting divorces almost everyday. It now seems that divorce is expected with those couples who are in the media. Because these divorces are publicized as normal, and even sometimes as a good thing, this has allowed our society to look at divorce and view it with less and less significance. There is hardly any negativity carried along with divorce anymore. Marriage seems to have become the trial run as opposed to dating. Celebrity couples have created a divorce trend, and in turn, have created the meaning of divorce to not really have much meaning anymore. Divorce is now looked to as extremely common, which is another example of how celebrities and the industry are changing our own perceptions.

Cosmetic surgery has also swept through our society and is becoming increasingly common as people want to look like their favorite celebrity and be more beautiful. Television shows, such as "I Want a Famous Face," "Extreme Makeover," and "Dr. 90210," make plastic surgery seem almost as if it is "the thing to do." "I Want a Famous Face" takes mainly teens and tries to transform them into looking like a certain celebrity by giving them multiple cosmetic surgery procedures. This is absolutely ridiculous. This sends out a message that a person's own identity is not good enough. "Extreme Makeover" and "Dr. 90210" make plastic surgery seem like simple procedures and send out the message that a person should get plastic surgery if they do not feel that...
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