Cosmic Myths

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  • Published : March 4, 2013
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Creation Myths

|Myth 1: the beginnings |Religion or culture of origin: Egyptian | |Myth 2: |Religion or culture of origin: Boshongo (Bantu) | |Bumba’s creation | |

• Who created the world?

o Myth 1:the High God

o Myth 2:Bumba

• Who were the main characters involved? What was the process?

o Myth 1: by way of the High God's androgynous act of masturbation; and through the god Shu's separation of Sky (Nut) and Earth (Geb)

o Myth 2: Bumba was in terrible pain. He retched, strained, and vomited up the sun, the moon, and the stars.

• What was the motivation to create the world?

o Myth 1: The High God’s desire when he was alone

o Myth 2: Bumba being in terrible pain

• How did humankind come into being?

o Myth 1: The High God-I wept tears. . . the form of my Eye; and that is how mankind came into existence

o Myth 2: he strained again and nine living creatures came forth…last of all came forth men

• Did the original creator maintain involvement in the newly created world?

o Myth 1: it does not say-N/A

o Myth 2: Bumba walked through the peaceful villages and said to the people "Behold these wonders. They belong to you."

Flood Myths

|Myth 1: |Religion or culture of origin: Mesopotamian | |Utnapishtim | | |Myth 2: |Religion or culture of origin: Greco-Roman | |Deucalion and Pyrrha | |

• Who or what caused the flood?

o Flood Myth 1: Enil

o Flood Myth 2: Jupiter

• Who were the main characters involved?

o Flood Myth 1: Enil, Ea, Ziusudra, Anu, Ninurta, Ennugi, Annunaki, Adad, Shullat, Hanish, and Nergal

o Flood Myth 2: Jupiter, Deucalion and Pyrrha

• What was the motivation for causing the flood?

o Flood Myth 1: The gods agreed to exterminate mankind because they (mankind) were intolerable

o Flood Myth 2: To punish humanity for its sins

• Who survived the flood, and why?

o Flood Myth 1: Ziusudra and his family because they were warned by Ea because of his oath

o Flood Myth 2: Deucalion and Pyrrha because they were the only righteous couple

• Did the original creator, or creators, maintain involvement after the flood?

o Flood Myth 1: Emil was angered by the survival of Ziusudra; made Ziusudra and his wife live at the mouth of the river

o Flood Myth 2: Jupiter did not but the sons and daughters of the other gods and goddesses did

Afterlife Myths

|Myth 1: |Religion or culture of origin: Muslim | |Hell or Heaven in the Koran | | |Myth 2: |Religion or culture of origin: Judeo-Christian | |Hell, Purgatory, Heaven | |

• What is the name of the place, or places, where people go when they die?

o Afterlife Myth 1: Jannah, Jahannam

o Afterlife Myth 2: Sheol, Paradise

• What are the characteristics of the place, or places? What form do people take when they go there?

o Afterlife Myth 1: 7 gates, fire (Jahannam); garden,...
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