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Revised Bagtas Reviewer by Ve and Ocfe 2A ATENEO DE MANILA LAW SCHOOL OUTLINE ON PHILIPPINE CORPORATE 2ND SEMESTER, SY 2004-2005 I. HISTORICAL BACKGROUND 1. Philippine Corporate Law:2 Sort of Codification of American Corporate Law Under American sovereignty, attention was drawn to the fact that there was no entity in Spanish law exactly corresponding to the notion "corporation" in English and American law; the Philippine Commission enacted the Corporation Law (Act No. 1459), to introduce the American corporation into the Philippines as the standard commercial entity and to hasten the day when the sociedad anónima of the Spanish law would be obsolete. The statute is a sort of codification of American Corporate Law. Harden v. Benguet Consolidated Mining, 58 Phil. 141 (1933). 2. The Corporation Law The first corporate statute, the Corporation Law, or Act No. 1459, became effective on 1 April 1906. It had various piece-meal amendments during its 74-year history. It rapidly became antiquated and not adapted to the changing times. 3. The Corporation Code The Corporation Code (Batas Pambansa Blg. 68) took effect on 1 May 1980. It adopted various corporate doctrines enunciated by the Supreme Court under the old Corporation Law. It clarified the obligations of corporate directors and officers, expressed in statutory language established principles and doctrines, and provided for a chapter on close corporations. 4. Proper Treatment of Philippine Corporate Law Philippine Corporate Law comes from the common law system of the United States. Therefore, although we have a Corporation Code that provides for statutory principles, Corporate Law is essentially, and continues to be, the product of commercial developments. Much of this development can be expected to happen in the world of commerce, and some expressed jurisprudential rules that try to apply and adopt corporate principles into the changing concepts and mechanism of the commercial world. CESAR L. VILLANUEVA Atty. LAW1

1Unless otherwise indicated, all references to sections pertain to The Corporation Code of the Philippines. 2The whole body of statutory and jurisprudential rules pertaining to corporations is referred to as "Corporate Law" to differentiate it from the old statute known as "The Corporation Law," or Act No. 1459.

grant is conferred. A corporation will be formed only when 5 individual persons , as incorporators, agree to form a corporat

II. CONCEPTS See opening paragraphs of VILLANUEVA, Corporate Contract Law, 38 ATENEO L.J. 1 (No. 2, June 1994) 1. Definition (Section 2; Articles 44(3), 45, 46, and 1775, Civil Code) Sec. 2 Corporation defined – A corporation is an artificial being created by operation of law, having the rights of succession and the powers attributes and properties, expressly authorized by law or incident to its existence. Art. 44(3) The following are juridical persons – Corporations, partnerships and associations for private interest or purpose to which the law grants a juridical personality, separate and distinct from that of each shareholder, partner or member. Art. 45 Juridical persons mentioned in Nos.1 and 2 of the preceding article are governed by laws creating or recognizing them. Private corporations are regulated by laws of general application on the subject. Partnerships and associations for private interest or purpose are governed by the provisions of this Code concerning partnerships. Art. 46 Juridical persons may acquire and possess property of all kinds, as well as incur obligations and bring civil or criminal actions, in conformity with the laws and regulations of their organization. Art. 1775 Association and societies, whose articles are kept secret among the members, and wherein any pone of the members may contract in his own name with third persons, shall have no juridical personality, and shall be governed by the provisions relating to co-ownership corporation is an artificial being created by operation of law. It has a...
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