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Corporate Relations

By | March 2012
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Topic 1‐Public Relations/ Corporate  Communication: Concepts & Theories

Today’s Agenda
What is PR & its Conceptual Development Key PR Theories/Models Is PR the same as Corporate Communication? Strategic Role in a Company Video Sharing  Relevant Research Findings In‐class Sharing/Discussion


Public Relations
Made in America. 1st school of PR at Boston University in 1947. 100 colleges & universities 2 years later.

Trying to influence publics through what was  said, not necessarily what was done.


Public Relations in Asia
o PR in US, Europe and Australia…rooted in the  growth of private industry in 1930s o

PR in Singapore, Hong Kong…founded by  expatriate companies in 1960s China, Korea, and Vietnam followed soon but  still some way to go



What is Public Relations?
“Management of communication between an  organization and the public.” (Grunig 1992) J Grunig

“The Management function that establishes  and maintains mutually beneficial  relationships between an organization and  the publics on whom its success or failure  depends.” (Cutlip et al. 2000)

S Cutlip

A Center


Public Relations is…
PR = Propaganda PR = Publicity PR = Advertising PR = The mouthpiece of corporate power PR works in 3 ways: ◦ ◦ ◦

Try to create an opinion or attitude Seek to reinforce an existing opinion Attempt to change an existing opinion change  (Devereux and Peirson-Smith, 2009) 6

Different Types of Public Relations

Other Types:  Clean Technology PR, Healthcare and Science PR, Technology PR, Consumer PR…… 7

Synergistic  Interaction Among PR  Activities
Corporate PR
Corporate Brand Value Financial Product Value

Financial PR

Marketing PR

Product Brand Value


Common Areas of PR Practice
Ten Common Areas of Public Relations Practice
1. Internal relation 3. Community relations 5. Issues management 7. Media relations 9. Investor relations 2. Government relations/Public affairs...

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