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Susex Business School

B.Sc. (Hons.) Business and Management Studies

Final Year

Section 1: Some commonly asked questions about the module

Section 2: How will I be assessed?

Section 3: The Teaching programme

Section 4: The Taster Case

Appendix 1: Proscribed organisations for the Company Project

Appendix 2: Grade Descriptors and Assessment Grids

Appendix 3: Module Specification

September 2012
Section 1: Some commonly asked questions about the Module

This handbook is intended for the guidance of students taking this module. Whilst the details contained in this handbook represent teaching staff intentions at the time of writing, it is in the nature of Higher Education that some module information may be subject to modifications during the teaching of a module. In the interest of up-to-date information and knowledge, teaching staff may make minor changes in the matters covered and will endeavour to publicise these changes as widely and in as timely a manner as possible.

Why study Corporate Strategy?

Corporate Strategy is one of two compulsory modules on the final year of the degree. In many ways the study of Corporate Strategy provides an umbrella under which the interaction between the various subjects studied elsewhere in the programme can be examined and integrated to provide an overview. It is, in short, a subject that allows you to see the ‘big picture’.

The areas of study are broad and can be applied to a wide range of organisations. You should, therefore, be able to gain a solid grounding that will allow you to understand more fully the way in which your particular specialism contributes to the wider organizational perspective. The linkages with many option modules will inevitably involve some overlap, and many of the ideas, concepts and techniques from other subjects will be helpful in gaining a better understanding of the world of corporate strategy.

Although it is unlikely that you will be actively involved in strategic issues during the early years of your career after leaving University this does not mean that you should not study Corporate Strategy. On the contrary, the subject will allow you to develop further your intellectual capacity and in so doing refine some of the skills that are the foundation of becoming a successful manager in the future.

Who will tutor me?

There are three tutors in the team led by Dr Thoralf Dassler.

LecturesDr Thoralf Dassler, Dr Adrian Monaghan and Dr Tahir Rashid

TutorialsDr Thoralf Dassler, Dr Adrian Monaghan Dr Tahir Rashid, Miss Susan Mawer

The team have many years’ experience of Corporate Strategy and are active in research areas allied to the subject. The tutors’ role is to facilitate learning rather than to teach. At this level of study you will come across a range of ideas, concepts and evidence that you must evaluate critically in order to reach a considered judgement. Like the Johnny Nash hit song ‘There Are More Questions Than Answers’, however there are plenty of clues to enable you to reach answers in a good number of cases.

Okay, so what methods will be used to help me learn the subject?

We use a variety of learning methods that should help you get to grips with Corporate Strategy. The lectures take place weekly throughout the module and are used to introduce basic concepts and analytical methods. The very nature of final year study means that the lectures can provide a skeleton framework at best, and it is for you to read around the topic areas. An indicative reading list appears later in this Handbook and you will be given specific guidance in each lecture of the additional reading that you should undertake.

It is absolutely vital that you engage in serious private study. Obviously this requires both maturity and self-discipline, but used properly it is highly effective and is the main method for you to learn about the subject to the level...
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