Topics: Flour, Maize, Clearing Pages: 1 (284 words) Published: March 24, 2013
For this activity I did corn flour and used the age range of 1-3 year olds. I completed this activity on a lino floor so it was easy and safe for me and also the other children to play. I done it on 2 tables put together which made a red hexagon. I made sure I only had 4 children at one time because there were only 4 aprons I could use at the time. To make sure I planned effectively, the day before I went round to the nursery’s play shed and made sure they had a tray that I could do the activity on, I then proceeded to make a list so I knew what I had to bring in the next day. When it got to the next day I placed the red hexagon table on the lino floor with aprons on 4 chairs for the children to sit on. To make sure I followed the health and safety guidelines I made sure the children had no allergies to any ingredients I used. I made sure all of the children playing with it had aprons on because the corn flour might have gone on their clothes and also because the food colouring I used may have stained the clothes they the children were currently wearing. When I had finished the activity i cleared up by myself because it was an activity I made and done on my own. I cleared up by using a broom to clear any excess flour there was on the floor and if there was any water on it I wiped it up so the children was safe to walk on it and didn’t slip.
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