Topics: Armed forces, Woman, Women's rights Pages: 4 (885 words) Published: May 2, 2013
Thesis statement: Canadian women had many duties during WW2 after the men had left for battle.

- Women always had a "ladylike" image that they were expected to fit.

-The involvement of Canadian women in WW2 was one of the most important primary steps towards Canadas current state of gender equality, because those women took on a untraditonal military role that back then you would NEVER expect a women to take on, challenged social stereotypes and refused to return to traditional roles after war.

-(STARTING SENTENCE) When WW2 came around it changed lives for Canadian women because they had to leave their everyday jobs to go and do the mens jobs too.

-Wmen were much more accepted in the work force. Why? Because many had to supplement the work force with the massive drain of working men during the war into military roles overseas. Once on the job, having proved their productivity, the acceptibility of women doing many jobs was changed forever.

PARAGRAPH 1: "Womens work places and job in WW2"

-Some women weren't just expected too stay home and cook and clean anymore, they had to keep the mens jobs up also.

-The types of work that women did during WW2 included factory jobs, maintenance work, ship building and war crafting like tank building and war tools. In the armed forces - clerical work and transportation, nursing and work on the land, they done all of the jobs for the men while they were away.

-Before the war womens only jobs were usually teaching and nursing and house keeping.

-The women that did stay home usually knitted/made clothes to go over seas, they made small blankets, wool socks and some mittins. They also cold-packed food to be sent over too.

-All of these factory and out door jobs made the women more stronger and assertive, after all this the women did not expect to go back to being house wifes again.

-The majority of women had to manage both of their husbands jobs and the house work still.

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