Contract Law Questions

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Contract Questions
Please answer BOTH questions.
1. Max, an improvised law student placed the following advertisement in the Law Student Gazette: "For sale - Treital - Law of Contact, £5" Brian telephoned Max but he was not at home and Celia, Max's girlfriend, answered the telephone. Brian asked her whether it was the latest edition. She replied that it was not. Brian then said he would give £4 for the book and Celia replied that she was sure that was acceptable but for Brian to ring back later that evening. That night Brian telephoned Max. Max told Brian that the book was in excellent condition and that he would not accept anything less than £5 for the book. Brian, however, did not hear this because of a fault on the line. The next day Brian called at Max's house with the £4 but Max refused to let him have the book Advise Brian

2.D placed a notice in a local newspaper offering a reward of £5,000 to the first person to climb to the top of the monkey puzzle tree in his garden and take a photograph of D's garden. On Monday, E was in the process of climbing the tree when he fell off. He was in hospital for four days. On Tuesday, F climbed to within three feet of the top of the tree but considered it too dangerous to proceed further as he was too heavy for the upper branches. On Wednesday, G was at the top. He was about to take the photograph with the special camera which G had purchased for £1,000 especially for the purpose. D shouted, "Forget it! There is no money at all. The deal is off." Later that day, D broadcast an advertisement on the local radio station informing everyone that the reward was no longer an offer. On Thursday, H, the son of D's neighbor, climbed the tree, took the photograph and claimed the reward. He had not heard the broadcasts on the local radio station. On Friday, E returned to the garden and climbed the tree and took the photograph. Advise the parties.
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