Continuous Quality Improvement

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Unit 2 Assignment

Question #1

Describe the three basic ways to implement CQI outlined in your Study Guide and outline how CQI has been introduce in your organization. If it has yet to be introduced, describe how you would introduce it referencing these three methods.


According to the Study Guide there are three ways to introduce Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI):
1. The quiet or whisper launch. It is suggested that “this is an effective way to begin if the staff or an organization are very cynical and do not trust new management programs.[1] The senior team launches their CQI program without any form of public announcements and deals with the better part of its implementation.

2. A pilot study is implemented to address one or two issues however this approach is limited, can be slow and may not change the organization’s culture.
3. The final method is to approach CQI and as an “organization-wide endeavor.”[2]

In our organization, there has been a combination approach using a quiet launch and then an organization-wide endeavor. In the early stages of CQI, senior management added this program to the Quality Risk Management Team. As time passed and accreditation came into the picture, it was apparent that more resources were needed. A Director of Quality and Organizational Performance was hired and the Quality Risk Management Team was renamed to Quality Risk and Accreditation.

Along the way, senior quality consultants were incorporated into the mix and then came the departmental quality teams to provide leadership and education to all their respective departments. The process evolved very slowly at first until is became an organization-wide endeavor. During the course of this evolution, it was deduced that in order for the necessary information to return to the senior executive team the lines of communication had to be revisited. Today there is a direct linkage from the Chief Executive Officer of the corporation and the Senior Executive CQI team and Director of Quality and Organizational Performance. From there it branches out to the Departmental Quality Coordinators to their teams who through workshops have been coaches in the skills to provide leadership, education etc to get the needed participation from the front line workers to make this process work.

Just recently the Director of Quality and Organizational Performance gave a presentation at the monthly Manager’s Forum on CQI as well as the new Accreditation standards we will be facing as we prepare for our accreditation in May 2008. It’s been a slow process to get us to this point but I do believe we are finally making progress.

Question #2

A number of common challenges in implementing CQI are presented in the Study Unit. Identify and describe any three that, in your experience, are (or have been) particularly challenging in your organization and must be surmounted for CQI to succeed.


Two of the three challenges that have been particularly difficult in implementing a successful Continuous Quality Improvement plan in my organization are time and turf. The third challenge is a combination of lack of executive commitment and funding as the two are intertwined. This third challenge is in my opinion the most outstanding.

Executive commitment is very important in establishing a CQI program. In the study unit it was noted that “senior management has been known to implement a CQI program in order to better meet the requirements of the Canadian Council on Health Services Accreditation standards.[3] This is certainly true in our organization.

When the Ajax Corporation first began to prepare for the Canadian Council Health Services Accreditation it was decided that in the department that I now work, a DI Manager was appointed to oversee the CQI process and a Quality Assurance Coordinator (QAC), was simultaneously recruited for DI. Shortly thereafter,...
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