Content-Based and Task-Based Instruction

Topics: Language education, Second language acquisition, Teaching English as a foreign language Pages: 10 (3062 words) Published: December 11, 2012
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Course title: English Language Teaching

Reality of using task-based and content-based instructions in teaching English in Xuan Hoa – Phuc Yen – Vinh Phuc

|Lecturer: |Dr. Lê Văn Canh | |Student: |Nguyễn Thị Hà | |Date of birth: |10/07/1987 | |Class: |K20A | |Course: |20 (2011-2013) |

Hanoi – 2012

Reality of using task-based and content-based instructions in teaching English in Xuan Hoa – Phuc Yen – Vinh Phuc Lecturer: Dr. Le Van Canh
Student: Nguyen Thi Ha – K20A

I. Introduction
Because of the more importance of second language, second language learning and teaching have been taken into account by many researchers, and linguistic specialists. We can see visibly the trends and the developments in instruction in second language skills in recent years – in the age of globalization. In the article titled “Current perspectives on teaching the four skills”, ELI HINKEL from Seattle University, Washington, United States stated that “in an age of globalization, pragmatic objectives of language learning place an increased value on integrated instructional models with a focus on meaningful communication and the development of learners’ communicative competence”. Hence, integrated instructions, especially content-based and task-based instructions have gained special consideration. As far as we know, content-based and task-base instructions are becoming increasingly popular and are probably among the most widely adopted integrated models in second and foreign language teaching. However, there is a heated debate about the effectiveness and impracticality or inappropriateness when applying these instructions. The current study will show clearly the reality of using content-based and task-based instructions across a wide range of second/ foreign instructional contexts: primary and high schools in Xuan Hoa town Vinh Phuc province. I hope the study will help the readers have new views about these instructions. Because of limited time, I have carried out a small survey at a primary school and a high school in Xuan Hoa town Phuc Yen district Vinh Phuc province where task-based and content-based instructions have been applied for years. In addition, the result was collected by direct observation to elicit the students’ attitudes through English learning classes along with interviews and questionnaires for both teachers and students. The participants are 15 teachers of English and 90 students at these schools. The results play a very important part in my research. They show a clearly effectiveness of the task-based and content-based instructions. However, there are also some difficulties circumstances limiting maximum effectiveness of these two instructions. II. Theoretical background

1. Content-based and task-based instructions
a. Content-based instruction
Content-based instruction (CBI) has been defined as “the teaching of content or information in the language being learned with little or no direct or explicit effort to teach the language itself separately from the content being taught” (Krahnke, as cited in Richards & Rodgers, 2001, p. 204). It involves the teaching academic subject matter and second language skills. The students, thus, receive curricular information and do their academic tasks in the target language and, at the same time, acquire the second/target language in a very natural way. According to...
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