Conducting a Management Project

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Unit 5006 - Conducting a management project
This unit is concerned with researching and producing a project and reviewing its impact on the work area.

Learners may use their own employment context, or that of another organisation with which they are very familiar, to base their assignment. However, in the case that they are not able to do so, please use the below scenario:-

Your manager has requested a report on how your team can make savings. You have been asked to research the best options and submit your conclusions to include recommendations for action. You will be required to present your recommendations to your project sponsor.

Task 1:
Review an area of business activity and identify the aim, scope and objective of the project. Terms of reference should be included and, where applicable, a work based breakdown structure document . Produce a project plan which has a clear rationale with justification, to your project sponsor.

Guideline word count: 750 - 800 words
A.C. 1.1 - Determine a management area for investigation that has an implication for a work-related area
A.C. 1.2 - Identify the aim, scope and objective of the project A.C.1.3 - Justify the aim and objective of the project

Task 2:
Explain the sources of data and information and the research methodology you will use in this project. You are required to fully explain the analytical tools used during the project to arrive at your conclusions.

You should explain how the option(s) or alternative course(s) of action meets the needs of the project sponsor.
Guideline word count: 650 - 700 words
A.C. 2.1 - Identify sources of data and information for the project A.C. 2.2 - Analyse the data and information for options or alternatives that meet the project aim
A.C. 2.3 - Determine an option or alternative that meets the project aim
Task 3:
Explain the decision making process and the decision making model(s) used in determining the final recommendations.
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