Computers and Digital Baasics

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1: Computers and Digital Basics
3. Facebook and Twitter are examples of social networking options. F 6. An operating system is an example of application software. F 7. Because of increased versatility, a videogame console is now considered a personal computer. f 8. The purpose of a server is to serve computers on a network. T 9. In the binary number system, 2 is used to represent the value 2. F 10. The number 9 can be considered a character. T

11. Because most digital devices are electronic, bytes take the form of electrical pulses. F 13. A compiler like the one shown in the accompanying figure converts all statements in a program to machine language in a single batch. T

14. An interpreter converts and executes one statement at a time. T 15. The op code specifies the data. F
16. The operand is a command word for an operation. F
17. All computers are case sensitive. F
18. Trojans are computer programs that seem to perform one function while actually doing something else. T 19. To assure you can remember your password it is a good idea to base it on information you can easily remember such as your birthday. F

20. You should always use a different password for every account. F MODIFIED TRUE/FALSE
If False, change the underlined work to make it True!
1. Digital technology has made it easy to produce copies of music with no loss of quality from the original. _________________________
2. Free source projects promote copying, free distribution, peer review, and user modifications. Open 3. An area where data can be left on a permanent basis is memory. storage 4. The set of instructions that tells a computer how to carry out processing tasks is a computer program. _________________________

5. Minicomputers were used for small businesses. _________________________ 6. A(n) supercomputer is a large and expensive computer capable of simultaneously processing data for hundreds or thousands of users. mainframe

7. The term server can refer to a combination of hardware and software. _________________________ 8. A(n) mainframe specializes in compute-intensive problems. supercomputer 9. A light switch is like a(n) analog device. digital

10. DIPs and PGAs are both shapes of integrated circuits. _________________________ 11. The results of statements that have been compiled are called object code. _________________________ 12. A set of machine language instructions for a program is called source code. machine 13. The ALU uses registers to hold data that is being processed. _________________________ 14. A(n) keylogger is a form of malicious code. _________________________ 15. A(n) account manager stores user IDs with their corresponding passwords and automatically fills in login forms. password

1. Digital electronics use electronic ____ to represent data. a. circuits c. transistors
b. switches d. components
2. Key factors in making electronic devices increasingly smaller and less expensive include ____. a. transistors c. both a and b
b. integrated circuits d. neither a nor b
3. The first digital computers were built during World War II for ____. a. census taking c. communication
b. code breaking d. troop placement
4. Initially sales were slow for the personal computer because of ____. a. price c. lack of software
b. size d. lack of availability
5. In 1982, the percentage of households that had a computer was fewer than ____ percent. a. 10 c. 50
b. 30 d. 70
6. A global computer network originally developed as a military project is the ____. a. World Wide Web c. Wide-area network
b. Internet d. Local-area network
7. ____ allow members to post comments and questions that can be read and responded to by others. a. E-mail lists c. Chat groups
b. Bulletin boards d. Social networks
8. ____ are where people exchange typed messages in real time. a. E-mail lists c. Chat groups
b. Bulletin boards d. Online social networks
9. ____ provide a space for interacting with friends or friends of those...
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