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UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE INTERNATIONAL EXAMINATIONS International General Certificate of Secondary Education



May/June 2011 2 hours 30 minutes

Additional Materials:

Candidate Source Files

READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS FIRST Make sure that your Centre number, candidate number and name are written at the top of this page and are clearly visible on every printout, before it is sent to the printer. Printouts with handwritten information will not be marked. DO NOT WRITE IN ANY BARCODES. Carry out every instruction in each step. Steps are numbered on the left hand side of the page. On the right hand side of the page for each step, you will find a box which you can tick ( ) when you have completed it; this will help you track your progress through the test. At the end of the exam put this Question Paper and all your printouts into the Assessment Record Folder. If you have produced rough copies of printouts, these should be neatly crossed through to indicate that they are not the copy to be marked.

This document consists of 8 printed pages.
IB11 06_0417_21/4RP © UCLES 2011

[Turn over

2 You work for a company called Hothouse Design. You are going to perform some clerical tasks for this company. 1 Open the file JX1EVIDENCE.RTF Make sure that your name, Centre number and candidate number will appear on every page of this document. Save this evidence document in your work area as JX1EVIDENCE followed by your candidate number. For example: JX1EVIDENCE9999 You will need this file later. 2 Add to your email contacts/address book with the name Project Manager Show evidence of this in your evidence document. (This may be a screenshot.) You will send a message to this address later. You are now going to edit a document about the development of a new port. 3 4 5 6 7 8 Using a suitable software package, load the file JX1PORT21.RTF Set the page size to A4. Set the page orientation to portrait. Set all margins to 2 centimetres. Save the document, with a new name, in your work area. Place in the header: • • • • your name and candidate number left aligned your Centre number right aligned

Place in the footer: the automated file name left aligned today’s date right aligned

Make sure that all the alignments match the page margins. Make sure that headers and footers are displayed on each page. 9 10 11 12 Insert a blank line at the start of the document and enter the title Dock facilities at Port Pepard Make the title centre aligned. Set the font size of the title to 24 point. Below the title, add a subtitle: Report by: and add your name. 13 14 Set the title and subtitle to a sans-serif font. Set the font size of the subtitle to 18 point. 0417/21/M/J/11

© UCLES 2011


15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23

Make only the subtitle italic and underlined. Make only the subtitle right aligned. After the subtitle format the rest of the document as body text into two equally spaced columns, with a 1 centimetre gap. Set all the body text to a serif font. Set all the body text to 1.5 line spacing. Set the alignment of all the body text to be fully justified. Set the font size of all the body text to 10 point. Make sure there is a blank line after each paragraph of the body text and that this line spacing is consistent. In the left column, before the first paragraph of the document, enter the subheading: A major regional port

24 25 26 27

Identify the subheadings in the document and make them all italic, sans-serif and 12 point. Make sure there is one line space below each subheading. Find the table in JX1EXPORT21.RTF and insert it at the end of the document. Make sure the table fits within the column width. The font should match the body text of the document. Merge the cells in the top row of the table across the five columns. Format only this row to be centre aligned and underlined.

28 29

Apply a light grey (20 – 40%)...
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