Computer Education and Cultural and Creative Arts

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Take home assignment 2012/2013
1. Computer virus is a malware. Explain.
A computer virus is a piece of software that negatively affects the performance of a computer system. They may damage files, deny access to files or resources or be used to monitor the user’s personal data. A computer virus may come in different forms and is usually referred to as ‘malicious software’ hence the name malware. 2. Make clarification between client-server and peer-to-peer networking. Answer:

A peer-to-peer network consists of workstations like desktops or laptops connected by network cables. Workstations are set up to share files, folders and printer connections depending on users' discretion. There are no dedicated computers to manage other computers. Each workstation stands independently on its own but maintains a shared connection to other workstations to communicate and share files and applications.

A client-server network has servers, which are dedicated machines that perform specific functions in the network. In a client server network, each component has a designated function in the network. Servers handle most of the network load, while workstations handle day-to-day tasks of users. The major difference between the two network structures is the existence of a central storage.

Cultural and creative arts
1a. Give a brief definition of a drama.
A drama is simply a play for theater, radio, or television.
b. List three major groups of people involved in a drama production Answer:
The cast, the crew and the audience.
2. Mention and explain five functions of drama
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