Computer Application for Business

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07. Computer Applications in Business (Lab)

The Objective of the course is to provide hands on experience to students in using computers for data organization and addressing business needs. There is also stress on use of statistical package for analysis of business data and its proper interpretation using SPSS. The exposure to PROWESS developed by Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy is with a view to make students aware of data bases of Indian Companies and enables them to work on mini projects and think of topic for their final year project.

UNIT-I:Introduction to Computers - Generation of Computer- Types of Input and Output devices- Computer Hardware and Software-Different Types of Languages

UNIT-II:Functional Information Systems – Marketing Information System – Financial Information System – Human Resource Information System – Manufacturing Information System. Information Support System – TPS, Management Reporting System, DSS, ESS, Office Automation System, and Knowledge based system, Enterprise Wide Information System, Latest trends in Information Systems. Issues & Trends in Information System Management – Effectiveness, Security, Ethics, Global Information System – Global System management.

Unit–III:MS-Excel - Overview of MS-Excel features, Creating worksheet, Entering and Editing text, Entering and Editing Formulas. Hands on experience with Prowess of CMIE and a few simple exercises on ratio analysis using the package.

Unit –IV:SPSS - Overview of SPSS, Uses, Data Analysis. Making students/Learn Familiar with Main menu and other features of SPSS Package.

Unit –V:Exercises:
Test-1:- Creating and Editing a Data File.
Test-2:- Cross Tabulation and chi-Square Analyses.
Test-3:- The one-way ANOVA procedure: one-way Analysis of variance. Test-4:- Bi-variate Correlation: Bi-variate correlation, partial correlations and the correlation matrix.
Test-5:- Multidimensional scaling.


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