Comprehensive Social Secuity Scheme

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Apply the symbolic interactionist perspective on the alleged abuse of Comprehensive Social Security Scheme(CSSA) and support your conclusion with arguments and data. Do you find your arguments convincing?


Comprehensive Social Security Scheme (CSSA)
- A safety net who cannot support themselves financially - Bring their income up-prescribed level to meet their basic needs

Types of recipients
- New arrivals - Unemployed people

- Low-income people -Single parent family
- Disabled - Elderly

What is the abuse of CSSA?
- Do not have the right to enjoy the benefit of CSSA but still apply for it and get the benefits. - The applicants may have the ability to improve their economic power but they wholly rely on the income from CSSA.

2. Symbolic Interactionist Perspectives

Symbolic interactionism
 A micro sociological perspective  Society is the product of the everyday interactions of individuals  Focuses on social interaction, which is basically an exchange (and negotiation) of meanings between people

Labeling Theory
 The continuation of deviant act lies in the strategy adopted by the one labeled in reaction to other’s labeling.  Secondary deviation - repetitive - high visibility - a severe societal reaction exist when the deviant acts is identified

 Outsiders - Howard Becker
- Deviance is created by society - Deviance is a consequence of the application by others of rules and sanction to an offender - Drastic change in one’s public identity

Types of recipients
 New arrivals  Unemployed people Being labeled

 Low-income people -Single parent family
 Disabled  Elderly

3. Public views towards CSSA recipients

Generally, CSSA recipients are being labeled as:
• Lazy • Deviant • Not deserved



CSSA recipients who are alleged as abuse user are those who?

Focus on the working ability

Unemployed people
Others Views:  Abuse user of CSSA  Laziness - lower their motivation to work

Mass Media


New arrivals
Others perspectives:

 No-income  Reliance on CSSA  Occupying the money from taxpayers, competing for social services and resources  Intruders

Disabled, Elderly and Low-income people No labeling on them  Inability to work  Poor  Show sympathy  Have the right to enjoy the CSSA benefits

How the recipients see and response to the view of others

•Self-concept developed

- because of the impression of the public, through the interaction between them, they are more possible to have deviant behavior - more willing to continue their action

• Guilty • Negative self-image • Fear of being discriminated

→ Increase pressure from family and the society → Hide their identity

Why do people apply CSSA even they can stand with their own feet?

• Laziness - They can get almost the same amount of money with those who works without paying any effort Examples: Unemployed people

Why do people apply CSSA even they can stand with their own feet?

According to the labeling theory
• Develop a self-concept • Accept themselves as “lazy people” , “no-income people” and CSSA dependents will not search for job opportunities, though they are able to do so.

4. Conclusion

Our Opinion
- CSSA recipients abuse the usage of CSSA is not only because of the labeling effect - There are other reasons of this abuse, such as recipients’ own problems and characteristics, social problem (e.g. high unemployment rate)

 The society agrees that CSSA can help the people with financial difficulties.  Those who are qualified with the requirement in the application, it is their right to receive assistance from CSSA.

 However, the society misinterpret most of the recipients as abuse user.

Number of CSSA recipients in 2008-2009
Year Elderly Disabled Chronic Disease Single Parent family 36 192 Low income group 16 080 Unemployed Other Total


151 954

17 796

24 440

31 772

6 335

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