Complete List of Visual Basic Commands

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  • Published: May 14, 2012
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Aaron Wirth

Complete List Of Visual Basic Commands
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Table of Contents Strings (P3)
Left and Right functions (P3) LCase and UCase functions (P4) FormatDateTime (P6) Len Function (P7) InstrRev (P9) Replace Function (P10) Base 0 & 1 (P3) Formatting (P4) Mid function (P7) InStr (P8) Asc Function (P9) StrComp (P10) Trim, LTrim, and RTrim functions (P3) FormatCurrency, Percent & Number (P5) Chr Function (P7) String function (P9) Space Function (P9) StrConv function (P10)

Math (P12)
Val Function (P12) Rnd & Randomize (P12) Abs function (P13) Round (P12) Int and Fix functions (P12) Sgn (P13) Sin, Cos, Tan, Log, Atn & Exp Functions (P13) Other Math Functions (P14)

Logic (P15)
Mod Operator (P15) Xor Operator (P17) Is Operator (P18) And (P15) If Not (P17) Or Operator (P16) Like Operator (P17)

Arrays (P19)
Erase Statement (P19) Array Function (P20) Dim (P19) ReDim (P19)

Files/Folders (P21)
Dir (P21)

CurDir (22) Kill Function (P23) FileLen (P23) GetAttr (P24) Open Function (P26) Line Input (P27) Lof Function (P28)

ChDir (P22) ChDrive (P22) MkDir (P22) RmDir Function (P23) FileDateTime (P23) FileCopy (P24) Cut, Copy & Pasting Text (P24) SetAttr (P25) FreeFile function (P25) Close Statement (P27) EOF Function (P27) Print Function (P28)

Error Handling (P29)
On Error Statement (P29) Error Function (P30) Resume, Resume Next, Resume Line (P29)

Declarations (P31)
Function Procedures (P31) CallByName (P33) Option Private (P34) Type…End Type (P35) Let Statement (P36) DefType (P39) Const (P32) Call Statement (P33) Option Explicit (P34) Option Compare (P34) GetObject (P35) CreateObject (P36) TypeName (P37) VarType (P38)

Date/Time (P41)
Date (P41) Timer (P41) DateSerial (P44) Month (P45) Day (P46) TimeSerial (P47) Time (P41) Now (P41) DateAdd (P42) DateDiff (P42) DateValue (P44) Year (P45) MonthName...
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