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Complete Health Assessment

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Complete Health Assessment

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Complete Health Assessment

NU304 Health/Wellness Assessment and Strategies
Professor Krista Krause MSN, FNP-C 

Gerardo is a twenty five year old five foot ten inches in height and a weight of one hundred and eighty five pounds. Health history is unremarkable with an allergy to sulfa drugs. He is the son of Angelo and Lourdes and was born in the United States. He works as a physician assistant and states he is physically active. Gerardo did not make a medical visit until unit three where he presented for a routine exam. During this time Gerardo stated he was in a monogamous homosexual relationship and stated he felt that it may end soon. He also stated that he told his patents 4 years ago that he was gay. He states his mother was accepting of him, however his father continues to struggle with this. Gerardo came back into the clinic and presented with symptoms of a cough, earache, and sore throat. He had a temperature of 101 and a positive strep test. While he was giving me physical symptoms he also stated that his relationship with his partner had ended and that he had begun to go to gay bars to find another person. He also states he is still at odds with his father and that the does not think his grandmother knows. This is all of the information that is given to me in the medical file. I would however want to investigate more on Gerardo’s feelings and what the breakup ment to him. What his intentions are when he is going to these bars. I would also want to know if he is practing safe acts when he is meeting these new people. I would want to know how he handles himself when he gets angry. It sounds that he and his father have been at odds and I want to make sure that he has a healthy outlet. I would also ask him about any illegal drug use as well as any alcohol use. I would want to know why he is waiting to tell his grandmother about the way he is choosing to live his life. Does he feel that she will not accept him? Does he think there will be a...

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