Competing with Operations Tutorial

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Competing with Operations Tutorial

Processes Inputs 1. Operations management refers to the direction and control of inputs that transform processes into products and services. F Main functions 2. As a functional area of a business, Operations translates materials and services into outputs. T

3. The three main line functions of any business include Operations, Finance and Marketing. T 4. Support functions in an organization include Operations, Finance and Marketing. 5. A process involves transforming inputs into outputs. 6. Inputs to a process can include human resources. Internal/external 7. Every process has a customer. T T T F

Products too (hotel -service and room) 8. At the level of the firm, service providers offer just services and manufacturers offer just products. F Cannot store services 9. In a service process, output can be inventoried. F Intangible and perishable 10. Quality is more easily measured in a service process than in a manufacturing process. F

11. Contact with the customer is usually higher in a manufacturing process than in a service process. Customer relationship 12. A core process is a set of activities that delivers value to external customers. T 4core F

13. The supplier relationship process selects the suppliers of services, materials and information, while the order fulfillment process facilitates the timely and efficient flow of these items into the firm. F 14. Flexibility is a possible competitive priority. T Besides speed, time, dependability.. 15. Consistent quality is not important to today’s consumers. F

Has ability to change how, when they produce 16. Volume flexibility involves accelerating or decelerating the rate of production of services or products to handle large fluctuations in demand. T

17. Labor productivity is an index of the output per person or hours worked.


Knowing what is right or wrong Globalization 18. The increased global presence of many firms has lessened the burden to behave ethically. F CSR The way they handle on their operation. (eg how they dispose their waste)

19.Regardless of how departments like Accounting, Engineering, Finance, and Marketing function in an organization, they are all linked together through: a. management. b. processes. c. customers. d. stakeholders. 20. Operations management is part of a production system that can be described in the following manner:

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Organization: inputs processes outputs. Which one of the following correctly describes a production system? Input Input Processes Airline: pilots planes transportation Input b. Input Inout Bank: tellers computer equipment deposits c. Furniture manufacturer: wood sanding chair Input Input Process d. Telephone company: satellites cables communication



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Physical tangible goods 21. Which of the following statements is more of a general characteristic of a manufacturing organization, as compared to a service organization? a. Short-term demand tends to be highly variable. b. Operations are more capital intensive. c. Outputs are more intangible. d. Quality is more difficult to measure.

22. Which one of the following statements is more of a general characteristic of a service organization, as compared to a manufacturing organization? a. Output can be inventoried. Manufacturing characteristics b. The response time is longer. c. There is less customer contact. d. The facilities tend to be smaller.

23. Which of the following statements concerning manufacturing and service organizations is generally true? a. A service facility is more likely to serve national or even international markets. b. Manufacturing organizations generally have more difficulty in matching capacity with demand. c. In many service organizations, such as hospitals and entertainment centers, customers themselves are inputs to the transformation processes. d. Most service organizations can buffer themselves...
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