Competency Goal Ii

Topics: Hygiene, Meal, Kumi Koda Pages: 1 (302 words) Published: March 6, 2013
I will provide a learning environment that is safe by making sure toys and materials are clean and workable. Making sure that toys are not broken and want hurt the kids.I will provide a learning environment that is healthy by making sure hygiene practice are done. I will make sure that the children will wash hands after coming out the restroom. When we ate lunch they will be seating a clean tables and hands will be clean. I will have sanitizer available at all times. I will teach the kids that when you sneeze you can sneeze in you arm sleeve and not your hands.I will be sure the toileting and diapering area are healthy by making sure all the dirty diapers are in a bag and through out. Making sure that both areas are clean and all materials are provide in there. Make sure that I clean the changing table every time i change a baby. Make sure that the are gloves available for each staff. I will make sure that meals and snack are available for each child. I will make sure it a healthy snack and meal. i will also make sure that the rest time is one hour and the area is nice and quite. I will also have the rest area comfortable for the kids and have relaxation music playing to help ease them to sleep. I will make sure that every child is safe in the center. I will allow the kids to wash their hand anytime they would like to.Make sure that the area are clean and up to stander. Making the children feel like they are home is very important. I will treat all centers just like if it was my home and that is having them clean and workable.
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