Compare and Contrast of the Kite Runner

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Compare and Contrast
“A man who has no conscience, no goodness, does not suffer.” Words written that will live in Amir, and myself, forever. While my life may never be comparable to that of Amir or Hassan, I understand what its like to have a friendship demolished; a trust broken beyond repair. Best friends, may they be related or not, are like siblings. Connected not by blood, but by trust and love. I have loved people so much that I would do anything for them. I would take any suffering for them. Unfortunately, sometimes those people wouldn’t do the same. Sometimes people only look out for themselves, even when you trust them with your very life.

Earlier this year I had a best friend of about seven years, Olivia. She was my second half; I was never seen without her. On weekends I would simply live in her house with her parents. People started to assume we were related because of how much time we spent together. Olivia would even come to all of my schools preforming arts shows, just because I was in the crew. She was the greatest friend I ever had. As I read about Baba always reminding Amir that Hassan should be like a brother to him, I was reminded how Olivia’s mother had always told her she shouldn’t ever go out alone at night, and that we had to stick together and have each others backs. I really believed we did for a while.

One foggy and rainy morning in March, I was texting Olivia in school. She was telling me that she was sad because of something her boyfriend had done and how she wanted to leave school early. I thought It would be fun if we both left early and she and I could go shopping. She came to pick me up and we left for the mall, but first we had to stop at her place. When we got inside her mother greeted me with the same love she always did. She asked why we were both at home so early. Olivia and I just looked at each other and laughed. Olivia’s mother had always been laid back when it came to school so she didn’t care much, she even...
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