Communicable Disease P6

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Unit 12:
P6: Communicable disease

Anthrax is contagious and highly fatal if you have been exposed to it as when it is breathed in through the respiratory tract, it enters the lungs it causes internal bleeding, swelling and tissue death. History

Anthrax has said to have been one of the Egyptian plagues at the time of Moses. And it is said that the ancient Romans have recorded cases of anthrax Anthrax is sometimes used a weapon, as it is highly effective. It was used throughout the First World War to contaminate animal feed and livestock Inhalation anthrax develops when anthrax spores enter the lungs through the respiratory tract. Once the spores germinate (germs = bacteria come together the chemical that infect lungs and cells), they release several toxic substances. These substances cause internal bleeding, swelling, and tissue death. Signs & symptoms

Symptoms of cutaneous anthrax start 1 to 7 days after exposure: An itchy sore develops that is similar to an insect bite. This sore may blister and form a black ulcer (sore). The sore is usually painless, but it is often surrounded by swelling. A scab often forms, and then dries and falls off within 2 weeks. Complete healing can take longer. Symptoms of inhalation anthrax:

Begins with fever, malaise, headache, cough, shortness of breath, and chest pain and also fever and shock may occur later Treatment
An antibiotic is one of the first treatments, as it is expected to destroy the infection before it spreads. Preventive Antibiotics may need to be taken for up to 60days. Biopsy, are done on the skin sores, they would be sent off to the lab and then the sample is looked at under a microscope to identify the anthrax germ. Test may include:

Blood culture- this means it is used to detect the presence of bacteria, fungi or yeasts in the blood which may have spread from another site in the body. Chest CT scan or XRAY may be a way to see how far the infection has spread Spinal tap to check for...
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