Commonly Confused Words

Topics: Grammatical tense, Past tense, Lie Pages: 5 (1537 words) Published: November 17, 2012
Accept / Except
Affect / Effect
A Lot / Alot
Allusion / Illusion
All Ready / Already
Altogether / All Together
Apart / A Part
Ascent / Assent
Breath / Breathe
Capital / Capitol
Cite / Sight / Site
Complement / Compliment
Conscience / Conscious
Council / Counsel
Elicit / Illicit
Eminent / Immanent / Imminent
Its / It's
Lead / Led
Lie / Lay
Lose / Loose
Passed / Past
Precede / Procede
Principal / Principle
Quote / Quotation
Reluctant / Reticent
Stationary / Stationery
Supposed To / Suppose
Than / Then
Their / There / They're
Through / Threw / Thorough / Though / Thru
To / Too / Two
Who / Which / That
Who / Whom
ACCEPT-to receiveex: He accepts defeat well.EXCEPT-to take or leave outex: Please take all the books off the shelf except for the red one. AFFECT-to influenceex: Lack of sleep affects the quality of your work.EFFECT-n., result, v., to accomplishex: The subtle effect of the lighting made the room look ominous.ex: Can the university effect such a change without disrupting classes? A LOT (two words)-many.ALOT (one word)-Not the correct form. ALLUSION-an indirect referenceex:The professor made an allusion to Virginia Woolf's work.ILLUSION-a false perception of realityex: They saw a mirage: that is a type of illusion one sees in the desert. ALL READY-preparedex: Dinner was all ready when the guests arrived.ALREADY-by this timeex: The turkey was already burned when the guests arrived. ALTOGETHER-entirelyex: Altogether, I thought that the student's presentation was well planned.ALL TOGETHER-gathered, with everything in one placeex: We were all together at the family reunion last spring. APART-to be separatedex: The chain-link fence kept the angry dogs apart. OR My old car fell apart before we reached California.A PART-to be joined withex: The new course was a part of the new field of study at the university. OR A part of this plan involves getting started at dawn. ASCENT- climbex: The plane's ascent made my ears pop.ASSENT-agreementex: The martian assented to undergo experiments. BREATH-noun, air inhaled or exhaledex: You could see his breath in the cold air.BREATHE-verb, to inhale or exhaleex: If you don't breathe, then you are dead. CAPITAL-seat of government. Also financial resources.ex: The capital of Virginia is Richmond.ex: The firm had enough capital to build the new plant.CAPITOL-the actual building in which the legislative body meetsex: The governor announced his resignation in a speech given at the capitol today. CITE-to quote or documentex: I cited ten quotes from the same author in my paper.SIGHT-visionex: The sight of the American flag arouses different emotions in different parts of the world.SITE-position or placeex: The new office building was built on the site of a cemetery. COMPLEMENT-noun, something that completes; verb, to completeex: A nice dry white wine complements a seafood entree.COMPLIMENT-noun, praise; verb, to praiseex: The professor complimented Betty on her proper use of a comma. CONSCIENCE-sense of right and wrongex: The student's conscience kept him from cheating on the exam.CONSCIOUS-awakeex: I was conscious when the burglar entered the house. COUNCIL-a group that consults or advisesex: The men and women on the council voted in favor of an outdoor concert in their town.COUNSEL-to adviseex: The parole officer counseled the convict before he was released. ELICIT-to draw or bring outex: The teacher elicited the correct response from the student.ILLICIT-illegalex: The Columbian drug lord was arrested for his illicit activities. EMINENT-famous, respectedex: The eminent podiatrist won the Physician of the Year award.IMMANENT-inherent or intrinsicex: The meaning of the poem was immanent, and not easily recognized.IMMINENT-ready to take placeex: A fight between my sister and me is imminent from the moment I enter my house. ITS-of or belonging to itex: The baby will scream as soon as its mother walks out of the...
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