Common Questions in Operating Room

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* Why do nurses and physicians use 70% alcohol to wipe the skin before injections? 70% alcohol is used rather than pure alcohol because when combined with water, the alcohol can penetrate and kill microorganisms more effectively.  "Alcohols are more effective combined with purified water—70% isopropyl alcohol or 62% ethyl alcohol is more effective than 95% alcohol, because the alcohol gets inside the cell better. "

* Why is 100 percent of alcohol not used as a disinfectant?
Probably because 100% alcohol is very flammable, truly an explosion hazard, hard to keep from evaporating, and lower concentrations will do the job. 

The alcohols used in the medical disinfection role are about 70% of either ethyl alcohol, iso-propyl alcohol, or maybe a mixture. Also known as "rubbing alcohol". Its VERY poisonous, not only to bacteria. Used for wiping needles medical instruments, etc as a fast way of sterilizing. Some combination of alcholols are delivered in evaporating gels to make a hand wipe that visitors to hospitals can use. 

Also disinfecting is "de-natured" or industrial alcohol, which is a mixture of ethanol with 10% methanol, and almost no water. The industrial type is stained purple, and includes a foul tasting disinfectant emetic to discourage drinking it (because methanol is toxic causing blindness, insanity and death). The lab type is clear, smells of vodka, and is just as toxic! It will sterilize medical equipment. Source(s): * Why Urinate in sympathetic response?

Feeling the need to urinate when anxious is part of the fight/flight response, but not in the sense that one needs to less excess weight to be faster. The body actually transfers more blood to the muscles, so one can utilize these more efficient. More blood in the muscles means more fuel, more oxygen and more stamina for action. This blood gets...
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