Common Gp Vocabulary

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Common Vocabulary
| Word/Phrase| Paraphrase|
1.| Catastrophic consequences| Disastrous effects/results/impacts| 2.| Ameliorate| Reduce, modify, make less harmful|
3.| Enter the world of work| Join the workforce|
4. | Daunting| Intimidating, frightening|
5.| Titillating| Exciting, interesting, tantalizing|
6.| Imperceptibility| Not noticeable, indiscernible|
7.| Conditioned| Molded, trained to behave in a certain way| 8. | Mindset| Fixed idea/thinking|
9.| Equality with| Be on par with|
10.| Adept| Skilful at|
11.| Rally| To gather mass/popular support for the cause| 12.| Freedom| Liberty |
13.| Exploit| Take advantage of|
14. | A statement of faith| An argument made based purely on a belief| 15.| The rich and powerful| The affluent and influential/clout| 16.| Vote for a government| Elect/support governments|

17.| Aspirations | Lofty aims/noble objectives/ideals/hopes| 18.| Override| Take precedence over, assume greater importance, more important than, take priority over| 19.| Liberal| Tolerant of other people’s views or belief, open-minded| 20. | Transient| Passing in nature, temporary, transitory, short-term| 21.| Account for| Answer for, be responsible for, face the consequences| 22.| Strong enough to guarantee| Sufficiently powerful to safeguard/ensure (something)| 23.| Security| Protection|

24.| Extreme circumstances| Dire situations|
25.| Fundamental| Basic, most important/primal/vital, elementary| 26.| Inherent| Innate, born with|
27.| Impulse| Uncontrollable/irresistible urge/desire|
28.| Aggression| Violence, conflict, hostility|
29.| Legitimate authority| Lawful/legal/recognized power/establishment/government| 30.| A last resort| The final/ultimate alternative/choice/measure| 31. | Give priority to| Regard as more important|

32.| Political will| Determination on the part of the leaders/government| 33.| Resources| Raw material, aid, products, help, money| 34.| Equilibrium| Balance, in balance/proportion, balanced state| 35.| Disseminate| Transmit widely, circulate, make known to everyone| 36.| Finite| Limited|

37.| Sustained| Maintained|
38.| Flourishes| Prospers, grows, thrives|
39.| Perpetual competition| Constant rivalry|
40.| Greed| Avarice|
41.| Zeal| Great enthusiasm|
42.| Ideology| Principles pertaining to governance and spirituality, creed, philosophy| 43.| Circumvent errors| Avoid mistakes|
44.| Great technological/medical advances| Huge progress made in terms of machinery and new drugs| 45.| Virtues| Admirable traits|
46.| Common beliefs| Similar set of values|
47.| Diversity| Enormous variety|
48.| Instincts| Primal needs, biological impulses|
49.| Liberate| Free (someone) from (something)|
50.| Stimulates| Fuels, generates, promotes, incites, encourages growth or development| 51.| Invention| Innovation, creativity |
52.| Assert our individuality| Express/state our personal preferences/options| 53.| Gives our lives color and variety| Improves our quality of life, makes life exciting, stimulating| 54.| Enriches| Enhances, improves the quality of|

55.| Unquestioning| Unswerving|
56.| Inconceivable| Unbelievable, unimaginable, unthinkable, not possible to exist| 57.| Bewildering| Perplexing, mind-boggling|
58.| Presumptuous| Unwarrantedly or impertinently bold|
59.| Crude| Primitive, lacking in sophistication|
60.| Intricately| In a complex manner, characterized by inter-connectedness| 61.| Propaganda| The deliberate spreading of rumors or information that is false/twisted/tampered| 62.| Annihilation| Complete removal or elimination|

63.| Impose some kind of order| Give structure to chaotic situations| 64.| Satisfies| Gratifies|
65.| Curiosity| Inquisitive nature|
66.| Sense of common identity| Sense of...
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