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Negotiating Skills
To provide you with the skills to plan & implement successful negotiation At the end of the course you will appreciate how to: • Establish objectives to be achieved by negotiation. • Identify a range of outcomes from the desired ideal to the ultimate acceptable fall back position. • Use interpersonal skills to influence others in both informal and formal situations to achieve your objectives.

Negotiating Skills
• Act assertively to achieve objectives • Reduce resistance & minimise conflict • Know how & when to accept the opinions, values & will of others • Work to achieve a WIN-WIN situation

Negotiating Skills
Negotiation occurs when there is something of value that you wish to attain • Need is the negotiators starting point • Need is also the weakness that can be exploited • Negotiation is also a process that is of benefit to all parties

Negotiating Skills Ineffective Negotiation is about:
• Non mutual benefit • Compromising for no return • Playing games Think of a time when a negotiation has not been successful. Can you identify what went wrong?

When you have purchased a house or a car – Did you negotiate terms?

Were you successful?

Negotiating Skills Effective Negotiation
• Is an important communication skill • Reaches the agreement that best meets both sides requirements • Should be conducted in a professional manner • Be a solid foundation on which to build future relationships

Negotiating Skills

Preparing yourself
Preparation enables you to :
• • • • • • Identify your objectives Identify targets Know your resistance point Adopt the most suitable style Time the interaction correctly Achieve a deal

Negotiating Skills
Traditional Negotiation
Has two sides Has opposing objectives Is a form of warfare Has a short sighted approach

Formal Negotiation
Favours the party with the strongest power base Limits the likelihood of informal talks Emphasises the letter of agreement

Informal Negotiation
Emphasises the relationship between the two parties Encourages the spirit of any agreement reached

Negotiating Skills
Modern Negotiation
Enables strategic alliances to be built Emphasises partnerships Builds relationships Is effective long term

Outcomes From Negotiation
Need to achieve the objective set Be of benefit to all parties Ensuring a WIN/WIN situation

Negotiating Skills
Identifying Possible Outcomes
Write down all your objectives Put them in order of priority Identify issues that are open to compromise Identify those that are not

Classifying Priorities
Those that are desirable Those that are acceptable Those that are the minimum you/the organisation require

Negotiating Skills
What is influencing?
Achieving a result that meets the legitimate needs of both sides Achieving long lasting results Improving the relationship of the people involved

Legitimate is the important word here. Needs must be legitimate if influencing is to be successful. For influencing to be effective it has to be sustainable.

Negotiating Skills
What is influencing?
When it fails
The MIGHT IS RIGHT style of influencing always fails. People can appear to agree but over time they may show their disagreement by leaving the workplace. A boss who forces his influence onto his work-team may only see short term gains. The relationship of trust may be destroyed and will be hard to rebuild.

Negotiating Skills
Why is influencing important?
Flatter organisation structures need it to be effective. Lean is mean – more stress is prevalent in current organisations. The rise of the customer – the customer is not always right, but it is our job to make them „feel‟ right. Working across organisations – it‟s the only positive way forward. The demise of traditional authority – all employees have a vested interest in the future success of any company/organisation.

Negotiating Skills
Influencing is not about :
Forcing your point of view on others Nagging until they...
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