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STUDY GUIDE 1 Questions for “New Branded World” by Naomi Klein “On Advertising: Sut Jhally vs. James Twitchell” “Advertising as Religion” by Sut Jhally Film: No Logo Film: The Diamond Empire Naomi Klein: New Branded World

1. What idea was the gospel of the machine age?
Bolstering ones brand name was important

2. What consensus emerged about corporations in the 1980’s? Corporations were bloated, oversized, owned too much, employed too many people, and were weighed down with too many things

3. What race were new companies such as Nike and Microsoft competing in? A race to own the least and employ the fewest people
rivaling the traditional all American manufacturers’ for market share. hey claimed that producing goods was only part of their operations

4. What tools and materials are needed for creating a brand? brand extensions, continuously renewed imagery for marketing and, most of all, fresh new spaces to disseminate the brand's idea of itself

5. What is the difference between the brand and the advertisement? Advertising any given product is only one part of branding's grand plan, as are sponsorship and logo licensing. Think of the brand as the core meaning of the modem corporation, and of the advertisement as one vehicle used to convey that meaning to the world.

6. What was the first function of branding?
The first task of branding was to bestow proper names on generic goods such as sugar, flour, soap and cereal

7. According to adman Bruce Barton what was the role of advertising? In 1923 Barton said that the role of advertising was to help corporations find their soul. The son of a preacher, he drew on his religious upbringing for uplifting messages: "I like to think of advertising as something big, something splendid, something which goes deep down into an institution and gets hold of the soul of it. ... Institutions have souls, just as men and nations have souls"

8. Where did the search for the true meaning of the brand take the agencies? The search for the true meaning of brands - or the "brand essence," as it is often called - gradually took the agencies away from individual products and their attributes and toward a psychological/anthropological examination of what brands mean to the culture and to people's lives.

9. Why was the purchase of Kraft by Phillip Morris spectacular news for the ad world? This was spectacular news for the ad world, which was now able to make the claim that advertising spending was more than just a sales strategy: it was an investment in cold hard equity. The more you spend, the more your company is worth.

10. What did the radical shift in corporate philosophy towards the value of branding send manufactures to engage in? Increased advertising

11. What does David Lubars call consumers?
David Lubars, a senior ad executive in the Omnicom Group, explains the industry's guiding principle with more candor than most. Consumers, he says, "are like roaches - you spray them and spray them and they get immune after a while."

12. What is the “experiential communication” industry?
A $30 billion bill industry. It is the staging of such branded pieces of corporate performance art and more. (ads on park benches, sidewalks, phone calls)

13. What happened on “Marlboro Friday”?
it refers to a sudden announcement from Philip Morris that it would slash the price of Marlboro cigarettes by 20 percent in an attempt to compete with bargain brands that were eating into its market.

14. What was “Marlboro Friday” a culmination of?
it was the culmination of years of escalating anxiety in the face of some rather dramatic shifts in consumer habits that were seen to be eroding the market share of household-name brands, from Tide to Kraft.

15. What happened to corporate strategy as a result of the bargain craze of the early nineties?
Advertising spending went down. Many decided to put their money into promotions such as...
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