Comm 226 Notes

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Comm 226
Chapter 1 – IT for Buisness and Buisness Professionals
RIM (research in motion)
-Has 25 million users
oBy 2012 should be 60 million
Organizations that ignore the impact of technology are basically risking their business oInternet took less than a decade to adopt unlike television which took many decades ➢Moore’s Law
o1965, Gordon E. Moore, co-founder of INTEL
oMoore’s Law states
Computing power (as measured by the maximum number of transistors in an integrated circuit) roughly doubles every 18 months. •Meaning that there is more performance because of the transistor counts and lower costs because there are more transistors into less space which reduces their cost and cost of products. oLead to the introduction of the personal computer

Information technology as a part of any Information System (IS) is a key enabler to all organizations ➢Knowledge work, which involves the discovery, analysis, transformation, synthesis, and communication of data, information, and knowledge. Today it is impossible to do knowledge work without technology ➢Information System (IS)

oAn organized collection of people, information, business processes, and information technology (IT), designed to transform inputs into outputs, in order to achieve a goal •Ex. Web, online shopping, instant messaging, texting

Difference between IS and IT
oIT is a collection of tools – hardware, software and connectivity – that enable individuals or businesses to achieve their goals ➢The Productivity Zone
oIT is simply an enabler to achieve a goal
oProductivity zone is created at the intersection of people, process and technology •By applying equal weight to each element, businesses can obtain superior productivity and enhance competitive advantage •^ efficiency, ^profits

Main reasons are communication, information and commerce •Communication
Increases business value
oNewsgroups, chat rooms, bulletin boards, text messaging, email, instant messaging

World wide web (www)
Available information
Gather info in a timely manner
Information overload
Lack of quality control
Chapter Two – Technology Essentials
oObtain, organize, analyze and store data and information
oAlso provides entertainment (MP3)
oElectronic and mechanical components that you can see and touch •Computer Monitor
oConsists primarily of electronic devices with some electromechanical parts used with inputs, outputs and storage devices oProcessing Hardware
Directs the execution of instructions and the transformation of data using transistors. •Transistor is an electronic switch that can be either on(1) or off(0) •Microprocessor is a tiny chip made up of transistors

oContains most components that make up Central Processing Unit (CPU) •Waiting for opened file is called CLOCK SPEED IN MEGAHERTZ (MHz) •Computer hierarchy
Categorizes processors according to their power
oCorresponds to physical size
Deceptive when comparing
Embedded Processors
oProgrammable chips built into products to make them smart
Digital signal processors (math related functions)
Temporarily locates data and instructions before processing •Long Term Memory (ROM: read only memory)
Short term Memory (RAM: random access memory)
oCPU can access any item stored in RAM randomly
oCleared at shutdown
Input Hardware
Provides the interface used for data entry into a device oEx. Keyboards, pointing device (wii, mouse, touchpad), scanner, digital cameras •Output Hardware
Interface used to retrieve information from a device
oSpeakers, MP3s
When choosing device
oQuality and speed of output are considered (primary)
oAlso ergonomics, portability, compatibility and environmental considerations (secondary considerations) •Storage hardware
Stores data, info, instructions for long term
oComputer hard...
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