Com156 - Week 6 Discussion Questions

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Week 6 Discussion Questions

Discussion Question 1
It is important that an essay not be a series of quotes or paraphrased material; one’s own analysis must be part of the essay. How can you create a balance between your own analysis and the source material?

To assure you are are not using too much paraphrasing and referencing quoted material, you should use "Revision: Cohesion" as stated on pp 363 in our text. Asking these specific questions will help you look through your essay very carefully to prevent mistakes such as; assuring information is relevant to the topic, transitions from paragraphs to new paragraphs as well as assuring you are properly referencing quoted material. Revision Cohesion helps you feel confident you have done your due diligence by assuring everything fits together well and makes sense. I would say that using the plagiarism checker would be another way to determine if you have a good balance between using your resource and your study material.  When taking notes, I tend to write many things down.  The problem is I would actually write it down very close to what I read.  Then there are times I would paraphrase my notes, and then re-paraphrase them when I put them on my work.  Then when I re-paraphrase sometimes, it can come close to the original text.  This is a bad habit I'm trying to break so going forward, I'm just going to use the plagiarism checker to assure I'm not coming too close to what I'm reading in the text.

Discussion Question 4
What do you think are the two most common mistakes a writer might make that could cause his or her writing to be ineffective for readers? What steps might you take to avoid these mistakes?

One common mistake that people make when developing their essays is using the wrong word for the wrong meaning. These words are pronounced the same, but the spelling is different and they have different meanings. These are called homographs and...
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