Com156 - Week 5 Discussion Questions

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Week 5 Discussion Questions

Discussion Question 1
The video “Developing Outlines” provides an overview of the purpose of planning an outline. Does an outline make the writing process go more smoothly? How?

I think that an outline does make the writing process go more smoothly. Once you create an outline of what thoughts and opinions you want to discuss in your essay, you are capable to write your paper by assembling all your ideas and putting them into a format that is organized and easily understood. I feel that without an outline the reader would be completely confused. Before I begin outlining the information, my essay writing does not make much sense. The reason for this is I did not have a set guide, so I just rambled. An outline can help achieve a higher grade for your paper because it organizes the main points you want to cover in your paper. You need an outline so that you remember all your key points, leaving out nothing you wanted to cover. If you write according to an outline, the paper will be much easier to edit and revise as needed.

Discussion Question 3
In the writing process you use developing an outline, planning topic sentences, and identifying supporting points in planning and writing your final essay. Do you think these steps are essential? Why or why not?

Yes, I do believe these steps essential because without them, my essay would be confusing to my readers. Therefore, when preparing an outline it gives your paper clear organization for your readers to follow as he or she read follow their way through your thoughts that may look foreign to them. Although you have keep it concise, the planning topic sentence can also assist you in developing your ideas so you can put more thought into your research plan. Identifying supporting point is to support your case to make certain all points are clear. You should also assure you have enough data to support you main idea....
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