Com156 - Week 1 Discussion Questions

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  • Published : February 22, 2013
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Week 1 Discussion Questions
Discussion Question 1
People often come across research in everyday life or are curious about a topic and decide to conduct their own research. Identify a time you wanted to research something and explain how you performed the research and what you learned as a result. How can you apply this experience to your own academic research?

This scenario often happens to me. I will hear someone talking about something I am unfamiliar with and I get intrigued (depending on the subject). I will often spend my spare time just research subjects such as; a better way of doing something, a moment in history or a story of someone doing something courageous. I think I could apply this to my academic studying by reminding myself why I am doing the research. I research from different angles and opinions. I want to understand how others arrived at their opinion. I want the author of the information to take me down the path of how they came about their view. If the communication is fact and this is how they arrive at their opinion, I can respect that.

Discussion Question 2
Review Ch. 11, Section 2 of Writing for Success. What are the suggested methods for selecting a research topic? What method do you think will work best for you and why?

When choosing a topic for an assignment, the writer should have at least a general understanding of the subject and it meets the requirements of the paper. There should be consideration of the audience that will be reading or hearing the information. If the intended audience is elementary students and your subject was on the growth of the automobile, you may not want to cover all the details of motor upgrades. When choosing a topic, you should choose something that genuinely interests you. This practice works the best for me. As I am developing my rough draft, I can combine my research with the facts I already know about the subject. I...
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