Colgate Marketing Plans

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1. Introduction

Colgate-Palmolive1 is a more than 200-year-old company that started in New York. Although it has three main product lines namely, Oral Care, Personal Care, and Home Care, its flagship brand remains to be Colgate. The success of the brand also relies on the reputation of its company. Colgate-Palmolive now has a global presence with millions of customers. Some of its more known brands include Colgate in the oral care, Palmolive in the personal line, and Ajax and Softsoap in the home care.

Employees who work in Colgate-Palmolive across the world share three corporate values, values where its success hinges upon. The employees are caring, practice teamwork, and reach for continuous improvement. Technology plays a pivotal role in the company. It is the goal of Colgate-Palmolive to utilize technology in efficiently creating products that will improve the quality of life of its customers around the globe. Colgate-Palmolive as a company is also bent on keeping and improving its growth rate to make it financially sound and continue to operate in the next 200 years.

2. Problem the Advertising and Promotional (A&P) Plan Intends to Solve

1. Too many products, too many to focus on

There is a saying that goes, spreading yourself too thinly. In the case of Colgate, this is likewise applicable. In its desire to cover any oral need, it has morphed into an array of products with no recall. Although Colgate is a strong brand internationally, which includes the country Singapore, the brand is highly diversified into six sub-categories2, which make it harder for customers to focus on a single product and therefore these products cannibalize each other and do not encourage brand loyalty.

For the toothpaste line, there are already eight brands, which are as follows: Colgate Total 12; Colgate Propolis; Colgate Triple Action; Colgate Sensitive; Colgate Herbal White; Colgate Fresh Confidence; Colgate Advanced Whitening and; Colgate Proven Cavity Protection. The new toothpaste line would only have Colgate Total and Colgate Advanced. Colgate Total would be positioned for the broad market while Colgate Advanced would be marketed to customers with special needs not covered in Colgate Total.

Its toothbrush line suffers the same problem. It has nine products namely, Colgate 360; Colgate Whitening; Colgate Motion; Colgate Massager; Colgate Sensitive; Colgate Navigator Plus; Colgate Zig Zag Plus; Colgate Twister and; Colgate Extra Clean. The kids’ products have two basic lines: Colgate Smiles Pokemon and Colgate Smiles Doraemon. The Colgate Whitening products include Colgate Advanced Whitening; Colgate Herbal White and; Colgate Whitening Toothbrush. It even has a dental floss called Colgate Total Tartar Control Dental Floss and two types of mouthwash: Colgate Plax and Colgate PerioGard. The new toothbrush line could include Colgate Motion and Colgate Extra Clean. The kids’ products could remain the same. Colgate Whitening products, Colgate mouthwash could retain its two brands.

3. Competitor Comparison & Analysis

In Singapore, the top three leading brands for toothpaste are Colgate, Oral B and Darlie. All three companies have been around in the Singapore market for many years. The competition is strong, however Colgate manage to maintain its market share and remain the market leader. The table below illustrates the main differences of the three companies.

|Colgate |Oral B |Hawley & Hazel Chemical Co (S) | | | |Pte Ltd | |Markets its product based on |Market its product as teeth |Market its product for teeth | |clean and healthy teeth |whitening |whitening. | |In the market for many years, has|In the market for years, Price |In the market for many years, has| |gain confidence and...
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