Cold War Recipe

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Cold War Recipe
Cold War Recipe

A cup of communism
A cup of capitalism
Half cup of Iron Curtain
Half cup of Truman Doctrine
A piece of Berlin Wall
1/4 cup of Korean War
1/4 cup of Vietnam War
1/4 cup of Arab-Israeli conflict
1/4 cup of Soviet War in Afghanistan
Two spoon of nuclear weapon
1/2 spoon of KGB
1/2 spoon of CIA
A spoon of other weapons (for example: missiles, tanks, battleships)

First put 1 cup of communism and 1 cup of capitalism into the pot, and then pour half cup of Iron Curtain and half cup of Truman Doctrine into it. Put a piece of berlin wall in it. Put 1 spoon of nuclear weapon and 1/2 spoon of KGB, 1/2 spoon of CIA in the bowl and mix them up together. After that, you will get a Cuban Missile Crisis. Mixing up a spoon of other weapons with another spoon of nuclear weapon, it is going to be the Arms Race. Put Cuban Missile Crisis and Arms Race into the pot. Then, put Cuban Missile Crisis and Arms Race together into the pot. Put each 1/4-cup of Korean War, Vietnam War, Arab-Israeli Conflict and Soviet War in Afghanistan successively into the pot. Finally, mixing all stuff in the pot.

Capitalism and Communism is the basic background during that time, so I use two cups to fill them separately. The cold war was underway by the “Iron Curtain” speech and Truman Doctrine. I use half cups to fill them separately. Berlin wall was symbolized by cold war. Korean War, Vietnam War, Arab-Israeli conflict and Soviet War in Afghanistan were the famous wars during the cold war; USA and Russia both indirectly or directly took part in those wars. I fill them by 1/4 cup separately. I put a spoon of nuclear weapon, 1/2 spoon of KGB and 1/2 spoon of CIA, because of those things; Cuban Missile Crisis would take please. On the other hand, the development of nuclear weapon and the other weapon, promoting the Arms Race.

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