Coaching vs Mentoring

Topics: Coaching, Mentorship, Organizational studies and human resource management Pages: 4 (951 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Coach, Mentor: Is there a difference?
By Matt M. Starcevich, Ph.D.
CEO Center For Coaching & Mentoring, Inc.
In 1998 we conducted an on-line survey to define what partners felt were the attributes of effective mentoring relationships (see A resounding YES came from responses to this open-ended question: Is there a difference between a mentor, coach, and supervisor? These differences are summarized in Table 1: |Table 1: Differences between Mentoring and Coaching | | |Mentor |Coach | |Focus |Individual |Performance | |Role |Facilitator with no agenda |Specific agenda | |Relationship |Self selecting |Comes with the job | |Source of influence |Perceived value |Position | |Personal returns |Affirmation/learning |Teamwork/performance | |Arena |Life |Task related |

Mentors in either a formal mentoring program or informal relationship focus on the person, their career and support for individual growth and maturity while the coach is job-focused and performance oriented. "A mentor is like a sounding board, they can give advice but the partners are free to pick and choose what they do. The context does not have specific performance...
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