Cm206 Unit 6 Discussion

Topics: Interpretation, Communication, Language interpretation Pages: 1 (250 words) Published: February 3, 2013
How would improving your listening skills increase the effectiveness of your communication in the workplace? In your personal life? Explain with examples. Using the effective listening strategies in the text, explain which strategy you need to work on and in which context (work, personal).

Improving my listening skills at work will increase the effectiveness of my communication by being more mindful and perspective of what is being said. If I select and organize the words of the speaker, this will allow for more understanding verses, a thought of interpreting what was said in the wrong way. For example, I a co-worker questioned my experience in property management. My response was an answer of much more experience than they had. The way she interpreted my answer was a misunderstanding. I was called in the office and was told that I intimidated someone. Had my co-worker used her listening skills of being mindful, interpretation and organizing what and how I replied, there would not have been a misunderstanding. In my personal life, improving my listening skills will definitely help when communicating with my husband. He says that I always misunderstand what he is saying. According to (Wood, 2010) p. 149, the most important principle for effective interpretation is to be person-centered. To be centered on the particular individual to whom you are listening, you engage in dual perspective so that you interpret others on their terms.

Wood, J. (2010). Interpersonal Communication: Everyday Encounters.6th Edition Boston, Massachusetts Cengage Learning
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