Closing Game in Multitask

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Alright here y'all go. First of all close the game in multitask.. With ifile, Go to the clash of, open the folders res, then csv, open the file named buildings.csv with text viewer. If you are looking to change the elixir pumps to make gold instead look for the lines of code ""Elixir Pump","TID_BUILDING_ELIXIR_PUMP","TID_ELIXIR_PUMP_INFO","Resource","sc/","elixir_pump_lvl1",,"elixir_pump_const",,,1,"Gold",150,1,3,3,,"elixir_pump_upg",,,,,"Elixir",200,500,,,400,30,,,,"Building"". The first price that says gold is what resource it costs to make the building the second one is what the pump pumps out. Remember this so when you go back to change it u don't change the wrong one if u do then you won't be able to build more of them Due to desync. all you need to do is change the word Elixir to Gold (make sure you use caps for the first letter) and then save the file and your good to play. For the gold just scroll down till you find "Gold Mine","TID_BUILDING_GOLD_MINE","TID_GOLD_MINE_INFO","Resource","sc/","goldmine_lvl1",,"goldmine_const",,,1,"Elixir",150,1,3,3,,"goldmine_upg",,,,,"Gold",200,500,,,400,30,,,,"Building"" change "Gold" to "Elixir" same rules apply for the gold as elixir. If u guys change any of the numbers you will get a desync on the game do be careful. I suggest making a back up of the file just incase something happens and something gets changed somewhere. 

Let me know if anyone has problems, it seems with my game that it downloaded a second buildings.csv under /documents/updated/csv that you also might need to change the same words in it. 
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