Clasical Conditioning

Topics: Classical conditioning, Fear conditioning Pages: 2 (396 words) Published: July 24, 2012
Classical Conditioning
Unconditioned stimulus (US) "reflexively" evokes Unconditioned response (UR). Through learning, a Conditioned stimulus (CS) can evoke a Conditioned response (CR) 

Identify the US, UR, CS, and CR:
1.  Frank loves to swim in the lake near his house.  After swimming in the lake one afternoon, he discovered two big slimy, blood sucking leeches attached to his leg.  He was repulsed by the experience of pulling the slimy bodies off his leg.  Now when he drives by the lake he shudders in disgust.  Indentify the elements of classical conditioning: US: The two big slimy, blood sucking leeches attached to his legs. UR: When he repulsed.

CS: The lake near his house.
CR: The feeling of being disgusted when he will see the lake. Bonus:  One day while at the lake, Frank sees a very attractive woman in a bathing suit.  He finds her very attractive and he can't admire her and feel repulsed at the same time.  Lo and behold, he now feels pleasure when he drives by the late, and no longer feels disgust.  What has happened?  

2.   One day last summer, my cat, Coconut was chased by a dog.  Although she wasn't hurt, she was very frightened.  Now if Coconut is outside, and person walks a dog past our house, Coconut immediately runs to the door of the house to be let in.  Identify the elements of classical conditioning: US:  Dog that chased the Coconut

UR: Coconut was very frightened
CS: When coconut sees a dog being walked by their owners
CR: Coconut runs to the door
Bonus:    Coconut show fear not only to the original dog, but to any dog. What has happened?  
3.  Amy always stops by a coffee shop on her way to work.  A cute guy who works the counters always smiles at her and pays her a     compliment, which in turn makes Amy smile.  The other day, Amy made coffee at home and just the smell of the coffee made Amy smile!     Identify the elements of classical conditioning:

US: When the cute guy smiles and compliments her
UR: She responds with a...
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