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What was I thinking? Was it right? What can I do? That moment of Clarity! Those times in life where you question your previous actions and criticize your intentions; those situations that make you suspect your suggestions and have total disbelief in your eventual conclusion. It could also be a point in life where you just totally doubt it, I mean everything! That moment of clarity! Do not mistake it for any form of complex, or personality disorder. It is simply an innate human behavior that seems like character condemnation, although, is inclined towards motivation and self evaluation. At a point, you will be in a state of flux as regards your purpose and decisions in life, and then, you will observe a ‘moment of clarity’. That point when you are in an unconscious abyss, and you begin to muse over your actions. This is not rare, neither is it weird, so you need not be scared. Most times, you might need to shield yourself from your immediate environment to arrive at a sublime sphere that enables your thoughts become vivid and clear. Why goals are not met, is the same reason why a football team will never win all its matches; a question that only fate can answer. Asides form the inconsistency human beings are prone to; it is just a norm of nature that chaos is inevitable. However, the ability to convert and manipulate this chaotic scenarios and situations is what makes us stand out from each other.“Without contrary, there is no progression”, is an assertion one would not thrust aside, especially since William Blake had given it a good thought. The core of this write-up is to bring to fore the relevance of a wake-up call; ‘The Moment of Clarity’. We all make mistakes and there need not be a disclaimer to this, but in order to make sure things are in order, is to call oneself to order as a way of avoiding another mistake, such as the former.
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