Cj490 Pre-Test

Topics: Scientific method, Research, Observation Pages: 3 (444 words) Published: November 15, 2012
1. The two pillars of social science are: (Points : 1) |
Luck and logic.
Observation and theory.
Logic and observation.
Theory and luck.

2. Which is not a particularly useful thing to assess in designing a research project? (Points : 1) | How popular the research topic is.
Whether the researcher has the ability to research the topic. Whether the researcher is interested in researching the topic. The resources that are available to the researcher.

3. In the phrase “Colors: Red and Green,” which are variables and which are attributes? (Points : 1) | All are variables and red and green are also attributes.
Colors is a variable, and red and green are attributes.
Red and Green are variables, and colors is an attribute.
All are attributes, but Color is also a variable.

4. Randomization is essential to eliminating bias in selecting control groups. (Points : 1) | True

5. Which of the following asks research subjects to recommend others to join the study? (Points : 1) | A purposive sample
A probability sample
A quota sample
A snowball sample

6. Which of the following is the best example of an open ended question? (Points : 1) | Are you for or against capital punishment?
Should there by longer jail sentences for gun-related crimes? Do police officers need better social skills to deal with the public? What are the major problems facing law enforcement officers today?


7. Evaluation research refers to: (Points : 1) |
A specific research method.
A specific research purpose.
A general research method.
A general research purpose.

8. Overgeneralization is assuming patterns without having observed enough similarities. (Points : 1) | True

9. In which example is the cat the independent variable? (Points : 1) | The dog and the cat fell asleep side by side.
The cat is smaller than the dog.
The cat’s loud meowing woke up the dog.
The dog’s loud bark frightened the cat....
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