Cj130: Introduction to Corrections Unit Quizzes

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CJ130: Introduction to Corrections Unit Quizzes

Unit 1
1.Question:_________ are the way society punishes, controls, and changes the behavior of convicted offenders.


2. Question:The justification for punishment to stop others from committing a crime was: deterrence

3. Question:One component of community-based corrections is:

4. Question:An example of intermediate sentencing is:

house arrest
5. Question:The executive branch can appoint and dismiss executive directors of criminal justice within its jurisdictions.


6. Question:The Twelve Tables made Roman laws even more brutal than the Code of Drakon had.

7. Question:The Auburn Silent System was based on the Irish Mark System.

8. Question:Imprisonment is the most severe means of criminal punishment in the U.S.

9. Question:Sentencing is the beginning of the correctional process.

10. Question:Hammurabi was the first known codifier of criminal laws.


Unit 2

1.Question:_______ allows a convicted offender to remain in the community under the supervision of an officer.


2. Question:John Augustus helped initiate all of the following services for offenders except: rehabilitation
3. Question:Community-based corrections rapidly declined as the mood of the public changed in favor of:

a get-tough-with-criminals approach

4. Question:The growth of community-based corrections had strong support in society.


5. Question:The task of intermediate punishment sanctions is to enforce surveillance and control over offenders so the public safety is preserved.

6. Question:Massachusetts passed the first statute authorizing probation for adult offenders.

7. Question:A split sentence allows the offender to spend most of the sentence in the community and a portion of the sentence in jail.

8. Question:_______ was based on the idea of returning offenders to the community as law-abiding citizens. This philosophy promoted community contacts to help the offender adjust to normal roles in society.

Reintegrative philosophy
9. Question:Probation officers follow the bureaucratic control model.

10. Question:A major source of stress for a probation officer is all of the following except:

the officer's attitude

Unit 3

1.Question:_______ allows probationers to live at home under relatively stringent restrictions.

Intensive supervision sanctions
2. Question:________ is/are a sentence imposed ordering offenders to remain confined to their own residence.

House arrest

3. Question:Usually resembling an institutional setting, _______ is/are being used as an alternative to prison.

boot camps
4. Question:Intermediate punishments provide judges with a wider range of sentencing options.

5. Question:Ohio was the first state to require that nearly all nonviolent criminals who are drug addicts be offered treatment instead of jail.


6. Question:In a ________, an inmate is gradually integrated into the community.

reentry program
7. Question:_______ became the principal means of releasing inmates from prison by the 1920s.


8. Question:Offenders are placed on parole under conditions permitting their re-incarceration in the event of a violation.

9. Question:Civil disabilities imposed on convicted felons can make it difficult for them once released from prison.


10. Question:There are no programs to help ease the transition from prison to community life.


Unit 6

1. Question:Classification is the first step of treatment in the _______ model.

2. Question:_________ are used to reinforce positive behaviors by inmates.

Behavior therapy programs
3. Question:_______ focus on the total environment.

Therapeutic communities
4. Question:The...
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