Circuit Theory Homework Wk2

Topics: Volt, Electron, Electric current Pages: 2 (275 words) Published: October 8, 2012
ELEC150 Circuit Theory I
Module 2 Homework


Save this document and place your answers into it so you can submit it to the appropriate homework dropbox. Handwritten solutions should be scanned and saved as a BMP or GIF or JPG image, or scanned and pasted into this document.


1. An electron that has left the parent atom is called a ___free___ electron.

2. What is the voltage between two points if 100 J of energy is used to move 20 C between the points? V= WQ = 100J20C =5JC =5 V

3. How many electrons are there in a charge of 0.005 C? 3.12 ×1016

4. How much energy is required to move a charge containing 2.5x1013 electrons through a potential difference of 12 Volts? 43μJ

5. A charge of 500 mC (milli Coulombs) flows through a wire in 25 mS. What is the current? 20 A

6. A charge containing 3.7x1014 electrons flows through a wire in 150 uS (micro seconds). What is the current? .3933 A or 393.3 mA

7. A current of 5 mA flows through a wire for 10 seconds.
How many electrons were involved? 3.12 x 1017

8. A battery has a rating of 1500 mA-Hr. The battery supplies 75 mA to an electric circuit. How long will the battery last? 20 Hr

9. Semiconductors exhibit characteristics of
a. insulators
b. conductors
c. both a and b

10. True / False

a. A voltmeter must be connected across a component to make a proper measurement. T b. An ammeter must be connected in series with a component to make a proper measurement. T
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